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Robotic Automation which is designed to automate the routine tasks which repeated in a workflow. Pega Robotic Studio latest version 8.0 is available in market. These Robots can live on the Desktop optimizing humans in their work RPA and might not even know it. We also use Workforce Intelligence to monitor the work of all workers. Automate the user interface of existing applications. It can help speed up manual tasks by automating user actions.

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There are two types of Pega robotic automations:

  1. Process Automation (RPA)
  1. Desktop Automation (RDA)
Let us know about Robotic process automation:

Robotic process automation is the application of software that facilitates employees in an Organization to automate tasks processes and configure computer software. Robotic automation is software automating software to execute on a huge range of repetitive task and interpret existing applications for processing a transaction through Robotic Process automation.
When compared to humans the better part is a robot never sleeps, makes zero mistakes and costs a lot less than an employee. An improved customer experience and operational excellence through increased efficiency is the goal of robotic automation. The realizing a faster return on investment when both leveraged in the transformation journey.

Robotic Desktop Automation:

Therefore Desktop applications can be launched from flow actions and data can be transferred back and forth between the workflow. Robotic Desktop Automation is realizing faster and greater returns on investment are leveraged in the transformation. Reduce the redundant work that is required to copy and duplicate data in multiple applications. To spend with a customer on the phone and can also reduce data entry errors with same data multiple times. Generally Robotic automation has some key benefits to customers while reduce in cost, decrease errors to perform higher-value work.

Especially Automation instead of the Pega requester processing the assignment when working similar to an agent to specify a robotic automation work queue for a ‘type’ drop down has been added in the work basket. From a drop down, two additional fields displayed

  1. Maximum queue length: It used to specify the maximum number of assignments that should in the queue at a given time.
  2. Maximum automation execution time:  It used to specify the maximum amount of time the VM expected to take to run the automation.

In a Pega Robotic Automation Console managed by Automation VM’s .When the number of assignments exceeds the maximum queue length or the automation execution time.

Before going to know applications lets know about Workforce Intelligence

Workforce Intelligence & Robotic Automation:

Especially To maximize the value of two biggest investments, people and technology for enterprising Intelligence and robotic automation. In addition User interacts with applications by understanding the case management together to enable more productive employees and a better customer experience. For a digital enterprise from a end-to-end Robotics, BPM and CRM.

Identify workflow inefficiencies:  Easily analyze their employee workflows to uncover processes that are causing disruption in customer experience with needless and error data re-keying across different apps.

Automate desktop processes: Similarly the overloaded application is now benefit from desktop applications for operating a single process. The deployed Solution will be simplifying the employee experience for a better customer experience with leads.

Reduce repetitive tasks: Without need of human intervention the automated tasks traditionally has done by employees. For updating transaction systems when representatives to meet the needs of their customers.

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Advantages of Robotic Automation:
  • TO Optimize customer service processes
  • The customer journey by integrating customer channels and enterprise applications
  • Service-level agreement compliance with  enforce regulatory
  • It Provide flexibility to scale up work queued
  • Improve agility and speed to market to meet changing business needs
  • By Enable 24×7 workflow processing.

Recommended Audience:

This course is for all audience those who interested in working business development in any organization. Stakeholders, project managers and who can understand the basic core concepts of Pega marketing. Generally It used for Pega certified system Architects and providing Pega 7 related support in decision management.


One should have the basic fundamental knowledge on Html & Xml and finally, should have the understanding of the logic to developers and must have some knowledge of object-oriented programming languages like java or C++.Hence the class structure and inheritance used in the product.

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