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Post By Admin Last Updated At 2020-06-11
Explain about Selenium Test Automation?

Generally Manual Testing is effective for the manual errors due to the limitations in testing manually. Automated testing efficiency is the solution to this test.Today  Iam going to explain  selenium test automation .

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Today  testing a automation it becomes very critical for improving the accuracy coverage the test in a time with a low cost. And according to the latest reports , as per transparency market research in  global  test automation , there  is a need for automation testing . As per excepted report prospects for security testing in a rapid deployment applications and SaaS on cloud for an automation test in a market of North America.

Additionally,  Multiple options available for testing automation by choosing according to the requirement and size of the project.  And the Automation tools for Win Runner, QA Wizard Pro, Silk Test and QA Test available for a functional regression and testing. Open Source Automation tools like selenium, Web driver, Junit, SOAP UI etc. Now am going to

Explain about selenium test automation : 

The utilitarian testing fragment represented the prevailing offer of 23.2% in the market in 2015.   And It is relied upon to fundamentally pick up from the persistently developing spry advancement practices and open source apparatuses will have a predominant part to play. Ordinarily organizations/analyzers lean toward open source apparatuses to perform utilitarian testing.  and Selenium useful testing device is viewed as the best open source device accessible to test web applications at no cost.

The fundamental explanation behind the accomplishment of Selenium is that the tests can be coded in any number of programming dialects, they can be run specifically in web programs, and work crosswise over working frameworks.

And the  second purpose behind the achievement of Selenium as the most intense mechanization device is its highlights that are easy to utilize its skilled UIs help address 90% issues of web application analyzers.  Moreover, Archive protest show (DOM) level testing, extraordinary extensibility and adaptability, bolster for numerous programs, obliging item situated programming dialects like JAVA, .NET, Ruby, Perl, PHP, and so forth., gives the choice of utilizing extensive variety of IDEs in light of the decision of advancement dialects and a greater amount of these settle on it a favored decision for some analyzers.

And in  Selenium, we at OnlineITGuru enable customers to use advantages of custom Selenium Test Automation structures. Moreover, with Utilizing exclusive test quickening agents, we kick off test mechanization and decrease the computerization process duration. OnlineITGuru driven Selenium Automation Framework is a demonstrated and tried system having 90+ capacity libraries to straightforwardly kick off your test mechanization activities or supplement your current test robotization suite.

 Advanced Features:


Today , Selenium brings comfort and flexibility, as it gives components to enable a similar instrument to keep running over numerous stages. For example  Firefox, Microsoft, Internet Explorer, and Safari.

Additionally it can be   in Java,  PHP,  .Net, Pearl, Ruby, and Python.


Selenium supports adaptable test designs. Because most of the analyzers keep the  test free to make procedure more adaptable and reasonable.

And Selenium underpins test suite, and runs tests in a repeating and successive way. so, this empowers adaptability to play around with the tests according to usefulness or some other parameter.

Difficult to execute:

Today , Selenium gives an in-fabricated, easy to understand interface to make and execute test suites.  Moreover, Its open-source highlights enable clients.

Code and joins additional items:

Selenium’s Test Automation Framework utilizes basic contents that can influence tests to run specifically over numerous programs.  So , In the meantime, it is conceivable to execute various tests at the same time with Selenium.  And  It covers all highlights of useful testing. It expedites a few include apparatuses that broadens its degree.

Reports adequately:

Selenium’s detailing abilities are one of the key features for picking the system. It enables analyzers to separate the outcomes and even make follow-up move adequately.

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Recommended Audience:

Software developers

ETL developers

Project Managers

Team Lead’s


Prerequisite for learning Selenium. It’s good to have knowledge on basic Concepts. But it is not mandatory. Finally the Trainers of OnlineITGuru will teach you if you don’t have knowledge of those Concepts.