Features of workday 32

We all know that workday is the best ERP System in the world. Every year it updates it features to offer good service to clients. So in march 9 2019 workday 32 is released with many best features, in our blog, features of workday 32, I will explain every update of it. You can go through our  what is workday blog for future reference.

Core Human Capital Management

Section 3 to record external Form-19.

The updated software will give you complete section 3 on a record of External forms 1 – 9 in software. In brief it make simpler and easier for you to track employees forms and meet the regulatory needs. This will come under compliance and risk.

HCM Integrations:

Generally, we can see many Improvements in flexibility and performance of HCM connectors. However, it also updated the core connector, worker Integration to support workers with many positions.

Absence Management:

This software enable user to start optional or needed exit time and start time for the worker time off requests. Similarly this Guide manager to know; when in a day worker will take, time off to plan for absence in the team. Furthermore, this total process comes under Engagement and experience.


It provide the Implementation tag for referral pay, it already started to automate the costing of referral payments to hire companies and organizations and decrease manual costs and improve the efficiency.

Talent Management:

Learning campaign maintenance:

To illustrate it will update and improve learning campaigns that start you to streamline. Usually that how you can you deliver the learning content and report. In the same way that improve the usability for learners as they start their new courses.


Recruiting Hub:

Really, you will continue to improve the recruiter experience by delivering the recruiting hub. At the same time, this contain configurable navigating toolbar. Most important it is a centralized view of action items, at the same time recruitment information and many more. Consequently, this process will come under engagement and experience.

Core Payroll

Payroll Inter company Accounting

In brief, the company introduces the inter company accounting to start and you to modify charge payroll expenses for many companies. In fact, this will guide you to minimize your effort to rearrange journal entries. Immediately by offering great flexibility and accuracy, meanwhile that when you handle your payroll cost in within the organization.

Time Tracking

Review project Time

Specifically we will deliver a latest and new process that starts project managers to review, and approval project time for many project workers. As an illustration designing the approval process faster than before. You can contact onlineITGuru team for more Workday careers.

Process Schedule calendars

This option makes you to easier for you to handle and manage Process schedules by giving the enhancements. For Instance, this Enhancement include the ability to define the groups of user pattern.

Worker Document Security

Especially User Document Security Enhancements, this will separate the security. Moreover, define user’s capacity to add or terminate user document in workday. Additionally it deliver a new web service to terminate user document.

Time Zones

This feature in the software improve time zones that assessed for users not on PST and delete delays of certain transactions. Certainly, we can open this feature by “maintain feature opt-in” if you do not do anything, there is nothing to do anything.

In common Financial Management, it has the following features.

Adaptive Insights Integration:

They offer first connections between Adaptive Insights. This is considered as first step in multi-steps. That will start you to integrate adaptive insights and financial planning, and many updated modelling in your workday App Experience. You can use an adapter for importing data from financials and HCM. Work lets to offer easy and simple direction between adaptive insights.

Generally Transaction Matching is done on the Journal lines in refer to the alternate accounts. This release process to enlarge automated and manual transaction matching on every Journal line. This initiates you to select the transactions on every alternate account and you can implement with Success factors.

Financial Controls:

This feature for operational transaction and company updates the financial controls to store the accounting Information. If you cancel the operational transactions. You can stop users from changing or modifying the operational transactions that posted in a secure and close time. Finally this will offer better audit, when equally ledger statistics to operational transactions. You can login to my workday and check updates.

Automated Transactions:

This is also for Journal lines the company will continuously improve automated, transaction matching in each matching on Journal lines. By starting you to design rules for 1-to-many and from many to many matching. This will save your time and increase your Efficiency.

Payroll Inter company accounting:

It introduced inter company accounting to start charging you for payroll expenses for many companies. This will guide to decrease your duty to again classify your Journal Entries. By offering you with best flexibility and accuracy, when you handle your total payroll cost, that within your company. This will comes under operational excellence. It is the process Of IT recruiter.

Cash and Banking:

Estimation of cash with sheets, with this update, company encourages us to leverage sheets to sample, and generate cash forecast data for watching dashboards and reports. You can able to use sheet functionality to design your cash forecast data with best efficiency.

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Bank account Creation

Especially, if you use the software, the company will accept you to use the bank and branch records to guide users to design worker and finishing bank accounts. This will give you better efficiency in payments of the bank and they decrease manual entry.

Customer accounts:

Customer lock box payment Integration

This will update and increase the capacity of payment applications, which make use of the customer lock box payment Integration. By this, you can simply and automatically record the payments that refer Invoices from many bill to customers. As a matter of fact, We also spend and enlarge the Integration to guide payments with a different currency from the invoice.

Printing attachments with customer Invoices:

In fact, with this feature, you can simply include attachments from a rich transaction and user Invoice file on single PDF file. For easy emailing and printing. In the same fashion, this terminates the requirement to download every attachment on report and manually upload it to Invoice.


Central Travel card

We can update to master card and visa Integrations. To guide central travel cards and they automatically assign travel card transactions to Employees for rich inclusion. As a matter of fact this will start you to track and simplify travel spend. By that you can update and improve the policy decisions, that tell better travel rates and that optimize your price process.


Multiple company Requisitions

We enable you to design consolidated requisitions with the lines, that which have multiple companies. By this you can save your time when reconciliation and reduce number of Requisitions that you need to complete.


In this project, you can capitalize standard cost and total burden cost amount from time transactions for the capital projects. This will start initiate you to capitalize labor costs independently of payroll.


Run allocations

You can manually run high end multiple revenue allocations, which improve and update performance. For instance that gives you manually very high volume multiple element revenue locations. In addition, Updating and improving performance and offering you control on total allocation process.

Supplier Accounts:

The updated software will deliver the capacity to default spend categories and Implement tags for non-purchase Invoice lines. Equally important that based on decreasing manual effort and improves data accuracy.


Tax reporting for payment cancellations and returns:

Finally, when you cancel or when you return taxable payments. The software updates and improve how you report on tax amounts, for your financial transactions and tax reporting with ledger activity.

These are the best-known facts about workday 32, in upcoming blogs I will update more blogs on this topic. If you have any queries, you can contact OnlineITGuru team for more Workday Jobs Information.

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