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During the regression section of a product update, QA team at Quality re-portable an issue the entire mouse actions like Mouse Hover, Mouse Up,  And Mouse Down weren’t operating with SE version 3.6+.  So We tend to investigated and located that within mouse actions within the Qualitia engine code, we tend to used Locatable genus API. In SE 3.6 +  community Locatable APIs had recently been refactored and deprecated. and also the community suggested the utilization of actions API that has supported since SE 3.0+. Today in this article  I would like to share you  How we handle the Selenium new updates?

How we handle the Selenium new updates

The primary challenge moving forward would be maintaining backward compatibility with versions in Qualitia at least post SE 3.0. we’ve got users exploitation numerous SE versions, thus we tend to had to mend this issue in Quality five in an exceeding method that might work across all the SE three versions. And we tend to patterned that Locatable may be a primitive method of accessing mouse actions. So  therefore the community was forced to move to Actions API and did not care to refactor them, that caused breaking changes.And with  Once group action, we tend to come up with some approaches as solutions for this issue.

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The solution was to interchange Locatable package statements with new package structure statements introduced in SE 3.6 and compile the code with SE. The code would have with success compiled, however, would have thrown a run time exception for those mouse actions since Java would not realize the package structure in earlier versions, thus we tend to born this solution.

Use Locatable genus APIs and write code to handle Mouse actions in the version in an agnostic method from the selenium was, if mouse actions fail at run time as a result of sudden package import, catch that exception a user running a pre-SE 3.6 version and expressly decision the pre-SE 3.6 package structure. But this version-specific exception based mostly code and exploitation deprecated Locatable didn’t look clean and promising. We tend to affect on to the following approach.

Moreover, the SE community recommends their use over the primitive method of exploitation Locatable mouse action. During this method, we tend to achieve backward equivalence.

The takeaway from this method is that, since the SE community, can continue adding breaking changes and introducing new genus APIs. we must always try to stay our code future proof and backward compatible the maximum amount as attainable. Writing quality code may be a powerful job, particularly once the surroundings encompassing you are consistently evolving.



As mentioned earlier, the most important strength of atomic number 34 is that it’s a package and a conveyable tool. It’ has not concerned direct prices  .

Supports languages:

Selenium supports a spread of languages, as well as Java, Perl, Python, C#, Ruby, Groovy, JavaScript, etc.  Its own script, however, it doesn’t limit it thereto language. It will work with numerous languages and regardless of the developers/testers square measure snug.

Supports in operation Systems:

Selenium will operate and support across multiple in operation Systems (OS) like Windows, Mac, Linux, UNIX, etc.

Support across browsers:

Selenium provides support across multiple browsers, namely, net adventurer, Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari, etc. This becomes extremely capable whereas execution tests and testing it across numerous browsers at the same time. The browsers supported by the atomic number 34 packages. And Web driver supports various browsers like net adventurer Support . For a programming language and framework Selenium integrates with programming languages and numerous frameworks.

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Recommended Audience:

Software developers

ETL developers

Project Managers

Team   Lead’s


Prerequisite for learning selenium. It’s good to have knowledge of basic Concepts of HTML tags like light box radio button check boxes and core java. But it is not mandatory. Trainers of Online IT Guru will teach you if you don’t have knowledge of those Concepts.

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