How amazon making money
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Many people recognize Amazon as only E-commerce Business Company. From latest E- commerce Analytics Report shows, that Amazon was responsible for 50 % of e-commerce sales in 2018 and 5% of complete sales in the U.S. This explains the best part of how How amazon making money.

For Investors, Amazon is the best in present retail operations. It is the part of Amazon web services division. As a matter of fact, AWS pricing represents about 15% complete revenue in the year ending of 2018. In the first place margin has produced up to $5 billion dollars in present income, where North America retailing segment gave $ 2.2 billion.

How amazon making money

How amazon making money:-

Generally, Investors should also know that, It has another billion dollar business. That is updating as big as aws cloud. Now we discuss, amazon home speakers. In the holiday time, Amazon and alphabet have competition. In selling the home speakers. Amazon echo Dot and Google Home mini. For instance some business, analysts told that both of these companies have lost few dollars.

The reason is that both the companies following the Razer and blade model. The speaker by itself is not a leader. The genuine money is created by selling services or, collecting information once the Device is fixed in the home. In the point of alphabet Google speakers, the sale is depended upon the Ads that, that depended on good data collection and Increase in the searches. For Amazon, the company needs to sell their products with Google ads, and prime subscriptions long with e-commerce Business.

However it not going with ads, it wants to sell products with aws regions subscriptions. It trying to talk with Procter and gamble and Clorox Company to get advertisements to Alexa powered home speakers.

Amazon and Digital Advertising:-

It is well known that the alphabet and Facebook have the best choices in the digital advertising market. With the concept of E-marketing reported approximately 2/3 of US digital Ad spend is regardable for these two companies. Very few people know, that Amazon is the 5th biggest company spending billion dollars in digital marketing.

Advertising has big margins in the business, in comparison to the retail field. Facebook and alphabet have 25 % and 50 % margins. Amazon profit margin is 2 % and the alphabet operating margin is 25 %. Investors who are investing in Amazon should watch their growth in advertising.

From the E marketer Report, Amazon server comes up with Digital advertising revenue at 50 % by end of 2018, and more than 42 % growth in this year. If anything shows, think Amazon capital, as the company has everything that is needed to know about the digital advertiser. It needs to concentrate on designing out the business.

It’s digital advertising, is very small when creating a notable impact on the company bottom line. At the completion $3 billion not sufficient to deploy the process. As a matter of Fact Company, continuously grow digital advertising on the fast clip. This will design its direction on to the company end line.

How Amazon stock gain 28.4 % in 2018:-

Amazon cloud services stock got e-commerce gain in 28.4 % in 2018. The slight pullback in cloud computing and e-commerce. That is still a big show, that contains overall market was set up in the past year. On the way, Amazon is on two FANG stocks that go along with Netflix, completed in 2018 with positive actions. The Facebook loss is double and alphabet and Apple suffered in one point losses.

As a result, We can think, big about Amazon stock, by its solid performance in 2018. Aws services in North America has big growth in its income. Amazon web service is more profitable. To get in-depth knowledge on AWS, you can enroll for live AWS Training by OnlineITGuru with 24/7 support and lifetime access.

Now, what is the matter, amazon aws stock looking more attractive from, the point of valuation? It told sometimes that investors, should go with stocks in general point according to macroeconomics facts. Like going down with global growth, coming up with much interest prices and trade competition with China. For Amazon complete foods could still get complete lot big. When it focused on total food market $15 % billion. it faced completion between organic and natural food products.


Amazon services and aws are the branches of one tree. Both of them has their own business methods and using digital advertising for promotion. Alexa and prime memberships helping it. The alphabet is rocking the promotion with Ad words and Ad-sense. The bullet things are Home speakers, competition for both companies.

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