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Today most of the Developers in the IT industry use PEGA App for developing applications. Because this tool makes application Development easy. But the task of developers doesn’t end with this. Because it needs to undergo several testings before submitting it to the client. As everybody knows today testing can be done in two ways. 

Manual testing (or) automated testing, most of the testers have a question that how Can we automate the PEGA App using Selenium? The answer is yes. Pega testing uses a concept called PEGA PRPC(PEGA rules and process commander). Basically, its rule to design Pega applications. 

Automate Pega App using Selenium PEGA Online Training.

1. Pega App using Selenium:

Selenium is one of the best testing tools in the IT industry. With this tool, we can perform both manual and automated testing. And there is definitely a time difference for the application run between manual and automated testing.

This provides the best features for testing the PEGA application. Since manual testing takes a long time to respond, people prefer automated testing. Because a complete regression testing would take several days. So most of the people prefer automated testing. 

2.Pega automation testing tools:



Rule Inspector / UI inspector.

PLA (PEGA rules Log  Analyzer).

PAL (Performance Analyzer).

AUT (Automated Unit Testing ).

So while doing the automation of PEGA applications with selenium, we need to handle the following few challenges:

Control Identification for web edits.

Modules’ approach required.

Rule-based Implementation.

3. Why people prefer automated testing?

The reason is simple. There is no guarantee for the result of manual testing. Moreover, as mentioned above, this is a bit long time to get the test output. And it lacks accuracy. So people prefer automated testing.

For the automation framework, it is suggested to go with a hybrid data-driven framework for a modular approach. This is because it works best for the rule implementation, with a different set of data to all modules and has the following benefits :

  1. A more productive time for developers.
  2. The low number of defects.
  3. Decreased maintenance cost.

Today its Know fact that PEGA is a leading tool in the BPM industry. And the leaders here offer the testing capabilities in the BPM space.  But the testing for the UI developers is a challenging task.Can we automate PEGA App using Selenium

As explained above PEGA process the testing using PRPC. It uses a rule set to design the Pega applications. And the automation tester needs to create its own framework for rule implementation and uses a unit testing,  (or) functional approach for reusability purposes.

Moreover, these rules can be implemented as a functional validation. One more advantage of this approach is here we can add modules (or) component-based approach for the flow of the application.

In Pega, we do have different debugging tools inbuilt to test the applications. These tools were somewhat different from the tools, that we have used in testing tools like selenium.

These are the best-known facts, that How can we automate Pega App using Selenium, in upcoming blogs we will update more Date on this Topic.

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