What is a most important thing in our life? Most of the genius peoples answer is “Time”. Yes, Time is a precious thing in everyone life so don’t waste your time doing unwanted things. As well as What is the most important activity in every finance team? Somebody replied as peoples. Ok, but organizations have right people, with the right jobs, with the right skills then the answer will be obviously “Time”. Time is insufficient in organizations and every organization has the same problem. This blog explains the How Does Tableau Save the Time for Financial Analytics? let’s wait for some movement know How Does Tableau Save the Time for Financial Analytics?

I think peoples are well-known about Tableau. It helps the people to understand and see data and transfers without limitation visual analytics. They can share the work and make an influence on their business. Around the world, small companies and small business, more than 65,000 customers are using Tableau to turn data into actionable insights and 300,000 people using Tableau public to send public data on their websites. Tableau makes analyzing the data very fastly and easily. It offers a connectivity to any database and easy to learn, those are all the best reasons to use Tableau.

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Automation and time saving achieved with Tableau

Tableau gives back the time for operation and finance teams. Some experienced people say that Tableau saves time for those using reports as you combine and co-build on them to increase the understanding and interaction. Is anyone background is an accounting? no problem you don’t have the knowledge of code and scripts. It took some time to adopt Tableau for analysis and reporting no problem you will success in Tableau. But Tableau performs a  different function. Tableau go-to solution for everyone.

How Does Tableau Save the Time for Financial Analytics?

By using Tableau the day consists 10 hours of work into an eight-hour day. If we are not using Tableau the day consists 20 hours into an eight-hour day. I had like to highlight some critical functions of Tableau that benefits everyone to save the same. How Does Tableau Save the Time for Financial Analytics?

Live data connections

For all peoples have one question running in the mind i.e., How can I connect live to company data? Tableau has a feature is data source connections, it does not require the coding.           we have the right permissions (like in the given image) we can connect the most database. Tableau provides reports update in the real-time this can be possible when with a live connection to our CRM. The below Tableau shows the selection of data source connection.How Does Tableau Save the Time for Financial Analytics


Tableau members ask the question how many of you are really gives reports manually in Excel monthly? The number of reports is not important; preferably, it’s time invested in them doing formula building, data checking, data production and data preparation?

Tableau saves the time and it can perform all data updates. Tableau members published several dashboards that can divide into two types: compliance reporting and performance. If we want to up-to-date data it is based on the hands of decision makers. According to the reports requirement, dashboard made and published with the support of Tableau self-service analytics. For this, we required minimum maintenance with the automated filtering the analysis are most applicable to your audience.

As an example, cloud an Excel workbook:

Spontaneously update every hour

Provide users 24/7 report access by browsers

Offer subscription then users automatically receive it daily.

Enable the filtering data by individuals

Union joins and blending:

Once you have connected to a data source, all tables or sheets are joined in the database. When we solve the framework of join or union, Tableau remembers you to the future use. In this no need to update audit formula when columns or rows are added. The three functions are highlighted in the above. This what How Does Tableau Save the Time for Financial Analytics?How Does Tableau Save the Time for Financial Analytics

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 Recommended Audience:

Software developers

ETL  developers

Project Managers

Team Lead’s


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