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Post By Admin Last Updated At 2020-06-11
How QTP is used for the purpose of Testing

Testing is one of the most major step involved in the development of the application. Today no app would until the completion of the testing. This testing is not as a simple as we speak. How QTP is used for the purpose of testing explain the level of complexity of testing. Today we have companies that work on only testing. In this process, we need to consider the functioning of each option in the entire option. The entire application, the same option is available at distant places. In one place, the option may work and in the other place, it won't be. So same thing(testing) must be applied at both places. It seems to be a time lagging process. Because the same action must perform at each step.

So we need an alternative to avoid to the problem. Automated testing The best alternative to avoid this problem . This automated testing is meant for the reduction of manpower and also saves the time. Because for the same option to test at different places, we need to work with the same code. So it’s a good idea to automate the code. Today, we have many tools in the market to automate the code. One of them is QTP. Do you want to know How QTP is used for the purpose of testing? Read the complete article to know on QTP.

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How QTP is used for the purpose of Testing?

Before going to know How QTP is used for the purpose of testing? Let me explain what is meant by QTP.

QTP stands for Quick Test Professional is an automated testing tool. It helps the testers to identify the testers of the application. It is basically the product the Hewlett Packard(HP). This tool helps testers to perform automated functional test. It test continuously without monitoring once the development is complete. This uses the Visual Basic (VB) script to testing . Moreover , the scripting engine need not be installed externally . It was built before by the operation systems . Moreover , the current version of VB script is 5.8 and it is available as a part of Windows. we have the major point to remember about this scripting. We need to check whether it is not a object oriented language . But it is a object based language. This QTP is a commercial/ Licensed version and it is available in the IT market.

So to implement the automated testing , we need to follow some steps . Now let me explain you all those steps in detail.

Test automation Feasibility Analysis :

It means that the tester must think himself on following .

Whether this testing can be applied to the current existing project (or) not ? If so they can proceed .

Appropriate Tool Selection :

For the purpose of testing, the tester uses some tools .So in this phase , the tester selects the tools , to testing .How QTP is used for the purpose of Testing

Evaluate Suitable frame work :

After selecting the tool ,the next step is to select the framework. Today in the internet we can find many tools in the market .but we must select for the best in this phase.

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Build proof of Concept :

In this phase ,the proof of Concept (POC) is developed for the purpose of end –to-end analysis. This is developed to check whether the selected tool support automation ? Does it can provide all the features of the application ?

Develop Automation Framework:

After building the POC , the next step is to develop and execute the framework . This is the heart of the whole life cycle. This framework should be built after the analysis of the technology . And used by the application and also its key features .

Develop Test Script, Execute and Analyze :

After the development of framework, the final step is to test the script , Execute and analyze the code. In this phase , it also predicts the bugs if any. These Test scripts are usually version controlled.


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