How selenium integrated with Jenkins
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In this blog we will discuss, how we can Design selenium web driver. Screenshots and after that integrate this with the help of Jenkins. If we consider our own experience capturing Screenshots from automation framework. When the automated tests has any issues or facts of failure, it termed as helpful option. This method of option can visually show a bug or any type of Error. After that we know that it well known fact. That GUI tests methods sometimes will have constant issues. Integrating this option into a non-stop Continues Integration Architecture that bugs captured each time a modification committed. In this way it explains How selenium integrated with Jenkins.

Selenium online training having API Platform that offers a required code for Addition of the capacity. Here we can see the steps that required to achieve this. We will initiate from the top and process through the steps that you required to take. Till you can find all the screenshots that Implemented by their Design.

How selenium integrated with Jenkins :-

Why we have to operate Selenium in non-stop Integration Architectures. Before we are going in to the topic. We can see advantages in operating automated tests for a project in non-stop continues Integration Architecture. If you know the process already. Non-stop Integration and Implementation. Best method of practice of Designing. And testing software for each time a Developer has Implemented the code modification to the Application. The latest and first benefit that comes out of the last path. As a matter of fact it shows Importance of How selenium integrated with Jenkins.

The code that tested for each time, a modification resulted instead of regular and week on Demand. This will guide the findings bugs or malfunctions in application. Another Benefit, that practice eases the work in between the group. That multiple Developers can start the changes at the familiar time that no need of any modification to think about processing on each step and Jenkins selenium web driver testng .

Manual work:-

Optioning a Continues method of Manual work .And we have more Increase in the option of checking Integration. Issues before latest code reaches the manufacturing Design. If we have functional and non-stop Integration Architecture, it accepts the practice of integrating many things that regularly. For this blog we will use automation framework that Implements selenium Maven-Junit. Jenkins to move and operate tests for a Java Web app. If you want to guide initiating this method of framework and how selenium integrated with Jenkins and Jenkins selenium plugin.

Integrating Selenium API :-

Especially How can we Integrate Selenium’s API by your own Automation Framework’s Code. For this you have to go to the Selenium Framework to an Interface like Takes Screenshot. This known as Public and General Interface that belongs to selenium’s API. It has process to get Screenshots. This method has to operate in a Class that, subjected to software engineer. That will show respect to basics of Interfaces and therefore it will Process it. The Engineer can come to the Decision on his latest method that is going to implement according to their Requirements. Similarly this requirements include in How selenium integrated with Jenkins.

Equally You have to keep that in mind that we are implementing to get a screenshot each time. A test fails by watching all Screenshots that Indexed in output of Jenkins design memorized in the Artifacts folder. Therefore method we implement from the given Interface that will reflect that.

Testing Framework:-

In general testing Frameworks have a session Designed by the software engineer. In that every configuration and global ways declared. Check in your Project where that type of Session is located. This process is going to initiated.When you have found that session that contain general ways implemented by test Process. This will “take screenshot” Interface. And Initiate working the Process in “take screenshot”.The process above that can Implemented as Instance or a starting point. Finally all the above concepts explain How selenium integrated with Jenkins.

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