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Learn hacking online is a simple and easy way. Hacking is the process of recognizing the weakness in computer systems and Internet networks to get access. How to learn hacking is done means, by utilizing computer networks to process fraudulent actions like stealing personal data, privacy Invasion. Due to cyber crimes every year many companies losing a lot of money.

Learn hacking step by step

If you do not know how to hack, and if you are a beginner. We suggest the best way to learn hacking from basics. Do not try to start hacking with a big Image. Hacking is not an easy and simple task. Instead, learn it step-by-step with password hacker course.

Step – 1: Start with Fundamentals

If you have little knowledge of computers and fresh to hacking. You can initiate by knowing fundamental concepts like operating System basics, firewalls, network protocols, computer networking with Linux and Windows OS. You can also make use of websites like OnlineITguru for the stuff, what you need for hacking. Look at hacking books, which show your best topic in a detailed way.

Step – 2: Find the best source that Teaches you hacking

Day by day website hacking is increasing, but we cannot find best websites for learning ethical hacking. It is necessary to find the best source of knowledge, that which guide you to hack step by step. For this, I recommend Ethical hacking (Free Study material and Videos) which is the best source to know how to hack.

Step -3: Learn Scripting

Generally, If you really want to become a hacker, you should know how to code a program. At present in Online we have many tools to learn programs, by that you can hack in an easy and simple manner. Best if you understand the concepts of JavaScript, PHP, HTML. By this, you know how program works. Good programmer, becomes good hacker.

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How to become a hacker?

If you want to become a web hacker, you should have an interest in computers. How these computers and computer components work. If  You know programming, it is a good idea to learn hacking. You should have problem-solving skills and curiosity towards hacking.

Do Experiments to become a hacker.

Learn one to two Operating systems.

Know the best networking Concepts.

Learn Linux/UNIX.

Learn how to hack passwords

Password hacking is the method of getting access to unauthorized access, to restricted systems by using the same passwords and algorithms that derive passwords. Not to mention it is the art of defining a password. Previously Cracking process contain comparing of stored passwords on behalf of word list. Implement algorithms to produce passwords that match as same. Now we will discuss about hacking tools.

Password Cracking Tool

Accordingly Ophcrack tool, it is used in windows for Password cracking. It make use of rainbow tables to use passwords. Most Important it operates on Windows, Mac OS, and Linux. In particular Ophcrack has the best module for brute force attacks with many features.

Cain & Abel

Generally Cain & Abel operates on windows, which used for recovering passwords of user accounts. It is used in Microsoft Access passwords. Networking sniffing and many more. Not to mention John the Ripper, Cain & Abel utilizes graphic user Interface. It is common on script kiddies and newbies.

John the Ripper

Most Important John the ripper uses the command prompt to check passwords. This utilizes, which is suitable for most advanced users, who are flexible in working with commands. Simultaneously it utilizes word list, to track the passwords. Immediately the program is free of cost.

Tricks for password cracking

We have many techniques used to crack passwords. I will mention the most commonly used techniques.


Specifically Many organizations utilize passwords that have company Information. In addition this Information can see on company websites, like social media Twitter and Facebook. To enumerate, Spidering main goal is to gather Information, from sources to come up with word lists. Eventually the word list is implemented to perform brute force attacks and perform Dictionary attacks.


As the name guides, this method contains password guessing. Passwords like QWERTY, admin, best and commonly used default passwords. To illustrate if they did not change, if the user is careless, when he was selecting passwords. At any rate it is simply compromised.

Rainbow table Attack

This Process uses pre-computed hashes. Let us think that we have a Database that stores md5 hashes and passwords. We can design another database, which has md5 hashes of commonly used passwords. After that, we can compare password hash. We have against stored hashes in the database. In the same fashion if a match is found, then we have a password.

This is all about hacking if you are Interested in learning to hack. Contact onlineITguru for more information, get updates on each and every hacking technique.

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