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Post By Admin Last Updated At 2020-06-11
How to use Power Bi?

Using Power Bi is a simple task, with its free-tier option you can do more than what you want. Compare to all other Bi Tools, Power bi is simple to install and easy to use. It is from Microsoft platform. In this blog  how to use power bi we will discuss more concepts in it.

Now we will discuss how to use Power Bi

I think you know the basics of it, if not you can go through our what is Power Bi, blog for more Information. Before we are going into it, you have to check all this things. In power Bi all the Analysis will go in a common flow.

Especially you can view and communicate with, shared reports and Documents in its applications. You can share your Dashboards with others, and they can see them on their power Bi mobile applications. In particular Distribute your Reports, not to go anywhere, you can design latest visualizations or Design Dashboards in business Intelligence.

Not to mention, you can spend as much as time with Microsoft Power Bi Service. By watching Reports and Visuals that designed by your team members. One of your friends also spend a lot of Time in Power Bi Desktop.

Power Bi Dashboard?

It is a single page and Called as canvas. This will show you a story by Visualizations, because it is pointed to only one webpage. A technically Designed Dashboard, which contains only main points of that story.

How can you create a dashboard in Power Bi?

I think you know about MS Power Bi dashboard, if you want to design it on your own. We have many Different directions to design it. We can Design it from Existing Dashboard, Data set, Scratch, Report and many more.

You feel tough, when you design Dashboard. Therefore, you can easily start it by Designing easy and fast Dashboard by connecting power bi Visualizations from a report, that which is already designed. Once you finish this Quick Start, you have better thinking on understanding the communication between Report and dashboards. Similarly While Doing this, you can Perform Open Editing in Report Editor, and navigation between dashboards.

How to Design a Mobile View Dashboard?

When you see dashboards in power bi Mobile app on your mobile. You can observe the Dashboard tiles systematically in same size. Consequently in Power Bi Service, you can Design customized view of any Dashboard that you design specially for some mobiles.

Open a dashboard in Power Bi service.

Select web-view and after that Phone View. If you are the owner of Dashboard, you can see it.

Next step is to select a tile to drag, resize or unpin it. After that open Phone Edit View in Power Bi Service, it slowly changes the shape and Size of the tiles on a phone.

After that, you can see a Phone Dashboard and select Phone View.

Who are eligible to create a Dashboard?

Generally, Designing Dashboard is the concept of Designer, and it needs edit permissions to the Report. This Permissions are available for only Designers of Report, to his friends he grant permissions to access the Report. Creating Dashboard is a feature of Power bi service. There is no option for this in Power Bi Desktop. You cannot create Dashboards on mobile, but you can see and share them.

What are the Building Blocks of Power Bi?

The work you do in Microsoft Power Bi is divided into Building blocks. You have to master these building blocks. You can enlarge each of them and start Designing critical power bi reports. Now we see what basic building blocks are.

  • Tiles is a single visualization in a power bi dashboard or a report.
  • Dashboards is a collection of visuals, made from report.
  • Reports considered as visuals from spanning, data set and many more.
  • Datasets combination of data that power bi uses to design Visualizations.
  • Visualizations a visual view of Data and sometimes it is called as Visuals.

Now we will discuss each Building block in Detail.

In Power BI service, we can install an application in many clicks. That app known for ready made collection for reports and visuals. We can easily make communication with Software Service to Increase app functionality and to bring Data to everyone.

I have completed the blog, How to use Power Bi, I think you have enjoyed it. If you have any doubts, you can contact OnlineITGuru Power Bi team. It is one of the best software training Institutes in world. If you are interested in Power bi training, Enroll with Power Bi training from onlineITguru.