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Tableau helps the people to understand and see data and transfers without limitation visual analytics. They can share the work and make an influence on their business. Around the world, small companies and small business, more than 65,000 customers are using Tableau to turn data into actionable insights and 300,000 people using Tableau public to send public data on their websites.

When we want to upgrade to 10.5 you will automatically have Hyper. And 10.5 is finally here.

Analytics at Hyper Speed:

Announcing hyper with Tableau 10.5 beta. By using this we analyze the data easily, useful, beautiful. This single task drives us and makes to feel thrilled our customers every day. In sometimes we have a chance to extend our task at hyper speed.

They are thrilled to announce that they received Hyper, an advanced technology in data processing that we trust can further restructure business analytics. Hyper is designed to achieve high-speed database system. It will mesh with Tableau’s product offering and take a host of new capabilities to tableau customers:

In data processing for all sizes, it gives faster analysis.

Increase data transformation, data integration and data merging.

Combinational of analysis and transactional system.

It supports big data attempt by supporting semi-structured and unstructured data.

They are thrilled to say welcome to the Hyper team, not just because of designed to achieve high-speed technology that will doubtless help to Tableau next ideas especially introducing new methods. Joining in Tableau, there is a chance to receive the Hyper technology into peoples hands who are having a big crash with data daily.

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Upgrading gives the smooth and continuous process; no reallocation is needed. Just we can simply upgrade 10.5 and start using Hyper today onwards!Hyper and Linux arrive in Tableau 10.5

Tableau on Linux here!

Releasing 10.5 of Tableau server on Linux. Tableau server on Linux has that much of capabilities to bring Tableau Server to the Linux platform. This is the first version of Tableau Server available on Linux. There is no upgrade path. Tableau Server on Linux is the new product. The management of Tableau Server on Linux is very easy. It will support the most popular distributors of Linux (CentOS 7, RHEL 7, Oracle Linux) It can be very easily meshed into already existing Linux environment, either on premises (occupied by a business) or in the public cloud.

On Linux, we have more workability with architecture, it has the capability add and remove an instance of the key process. By using this you can change a several  VizQL, background and application servers without need a restart the other Tableau server processes. It is a new product that includes features are: Tableau server supports Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP). All data source are not supported by the Tableau Server on Linux, there are some limitations of upgrading too Linux. Some important data resource that is not supported on Linux. MemSQL, Exasol, Microsoft Analysis Services (OLAP cube), Microsoft Access, Oracle Essbase, Splunk, SAP Skybase and NetWeaver, MonetDB.

If you want to use these data source and want to relocate is to contact the seller and request Linux drivers.Hyper and Linux arrive in Tableau 10.5

By using viz in tooltip Create attractive Vizzes:

They have also hyped up your dashboards and Vizzes in Tableau 10.5 with Viz in Tooltip. This new feature includes you to attractive with your data at a deeper stage and increases dashboard real estate without writing a single line of code.

Annotate & share Vizzes:

Annotate (comment) and share is available at present on Tableau Mobile for iOS, make it easy to fastly send a note. Add text and draw on starting a via snapshot and send it through text, email.

More data connection:

They added 75+ local connectors and capability to connect more or less any web data through Web connector with a new connector to Box. They will guide you deeper integration with AWS’s platform. Hurry up upgrade today to start taking benefits of Hyper.

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Recommended Audience :

Software developers

ETL  developers

Project Managers

Team Lead’s


Anybody can learn tableau if you have a technical degree with basic coding knowledge.

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