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Post By Admin Last Updated At 2020-06-11
What is AWS?

In the first place celebration of cloud computing, Aws is the main cloud provider in the present market. AWS certification is the best skill in the current IT sector. Hi, today in what is AWS blog you will know the following things.

What is AWS ?-An Introduction to aws cloud?

Earlier How to Design Applications in AWS

What is AWS?

Generally What is AWS?-Amazon web services is cloud service provided from Amazon? This offer services in the method of Designing blocks. These Designing blocks start and move any applications in the clouds.

Regularly these Designing blocks are implemented to operate with each other, Including the output we can see in applications that are complex and Highly measurable.

Furthermore Every Service in this “what is AWS” blog shown in few Sectors that are more in use.

  • Messaging
  • Identification and Security
  • Tools for Management
  • Providing Content and Network
  • Transfer
  • Data Base
  • Storage
  • Computing

Messaging- this sector provides aws services, such as Notifications, Emailing and many more.

  • Amazon Pinpoint
  • Amazon SES
  • SNS
  • SQS

Identification and Security, this sector offers many security features for your AWS signup and sources.

  • Amazon web services shield

Tools for Management:-

The management tools are other services we can see in AWS, they are

  • Amazon web services cloud Trail
  • AWS CloudFomation
  • AWS cloud watch

Providing Content and Network, here this sector is implemented separately, for your network Architecture. Providing content is for speed utilization of content.

  • Amazon Cloud Front
  • Amazon Route 53
  • The transfer section for moving Data from Aws. It has below services
  • AWS snow Ball
  • AWS Database Migration Service
  • Under the Database Domain Implemented for preferred workloads, which contains.
  • Amazon Red shift
  • Dynamo Db
  • Amazon RDS
  • Amazon Aurora
The storage sector has services that refer to Data storage, In this case, it includes below services.
  • AWS snowball
  • Amazon Glacier
  • Elastic Block Store
  • S3 for simple storage
  • By the way, compute Domain contains, services that refer compute work process. For example, it contains the below services.
  • Amazon Lightsail
  • Elastic Beanstalk
  • Lambda
  • Subsequently EC2 known as Elastic Compute Cloud

Afterward, to get complete information on Aws Products, so, you can watch our AMAZON AWS tutorial, that has a Nice explanation about all its services.


You can learn with our AWS experts

Usually, I think now you, have got an Idea that “What is AWS” and the Services that Implemented in AWS. Let us go into Dive Deep into AWS and design some applications. You think that you don’t have much knowledge of AWS.

“In some Situations, Running is better than walking “

Consequently, Understanding that, let us start how we can Design applications in AWS.

Designing Applications:-

The thing you have to know before, is that you should understand, what kind of application you, are going to Design. What is the Architecture for that? Ordinarily, what is the Database Required for it? Do we have a Monitor? These all questions will raise in your Mind.

So, my suggestion is that, you have to know all the requirements of your applications. You can select a sector, therefore choose a service.

As a result, if you want to move an application in AWS, that don’t need to worry that what service should I select.

So in the storage sector, we have service for us, Particularly known as AWS snowball. You simply upload your application and therefore AWS will do remaining work for you. In brief, it is that much easy.

Similarly, you are not aware of all these AWS services, without implementing them right. That is the reason why aws give you an option that is free tier option.

Are you eligible for AWS free Tier?

In short every Amazon aws user, when he registers on AWS.com, Hence he will get a one- year free subscription.

For the most part, How can you make use of this free service?

In summary, so, you can go through each and every application, and know about each and every AWS topic. Practice makes Man perfect. Over there the more you practice, the more you know about “what is AWS”, To get in-depth knowledge on AWS, you can enroll for live AWS Online Training by OnlineITGuru with 24/7 support and lifetime access.

However AWS sign up is there for you, As a result, go to aws.com and register with a free account and Browse all,the AWS applications and Develop your applications and learn aws. So My Dear AWS developers, AWS is Platform for kids, you and me, Each of us can learn it. It has many services, that I have written above.


Lastly all about it guys! I hope that you understood My what is AWS blog. If you still reading this blog, I am congratulating you. I think now you are not Fresher to AWS. That things that you learn in “what is AWS blog”, is that will help you crack AWS Interviews. For you, we uploaded the latest AWS interview Questions. For getting more knowledge on AWS, you can go through our Amazon AWS tutorial Blog. We have Designed new Syllabus, for you so that you can, so, successfully finish the AWS solution Architect Exam! You can see our course curriculum for AWS solution Architect training.