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Post By Admin Last Updated At 2020-06-11
Importance of Java in Selenium

In this blog, I will explain the Importance of Java in Selenium. Java is the most important Language for Selenium and plays an important role. Learning Java basics is the most important task. But, don't worry, it's very easy to learn the Java basics. Just, core concepts are sufficient for Selenium. 

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Java is one of the languages to write the scripts in Selenium. It is better than any other language to write scripts in Selenium. This is the reason why testers choose Selenium. Selenium supports other languages like C#, Ruby, java-script, and etc.

Even though Java is the preferred language for Selenium. Learning Java for Selenium helps our career prospects.

1. Why Java is Important for Selenium?

Java is a vast language and platform-independent. As above discussed, no need to learn the entire Java course. It is good news for Java beginners. We must learn some selected concepts.

Mainly 77% of Selenium testers are using Java so, knowledge sharing is very easy. For testing Automation using Selenium, core Java is sufficient. Advanced Java is not required. and, In core Java, OOPS is a most important topic.

Importance of Java in Selenium | OnlineITGuru

2.Structure of Java program:

Before going to learn the concepts in Java, we need to understand the key concepts and structure of Java. And, need to know the development, compiling, and running of the program.

Whatever language you are going to learn, first understand the structure and what are the key concepts. 

a)Concepts of variables:

It is somewhat difficult for beginners to understand. This concept requires more effort to learn.

b)Language structures:

Language structures mean like While, If-else, For loop, etc. This concept will help to build the logic while writing the code.

c)Objects and Classes:

This is a very important concept to learn. The object is an entity that has a state and structure. The class is a blueprint for the object i.e, a group of objects have the same properties.


If we have multiple data sets, what we can do?  In this case, we can use Arrays. In testing, the arrays are used to test multiple data sets of an application.


To manage the datasets collections are the best option when compared to arrays. They are three types of collections Set, List, and Map.

f)Handling File:

This is another most important topic for Java. When we are writing automation scripts, we must know that from where we can pick up the files. For that, we need to know how to create and read the data from files.

Learning Java is a very difficult task for beginners. I am sure that if you have a proper plan and effort. You will be successful in Selenium. Eclipse is the programming editor which is more user-friendly. It can help the programmers to identify the errors very easily. 

These are the best-known facts about the Importance of Java in Selenium, in upcoming blogs, we will update more data on this Topic.