Important things to know about selenium
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Selenium is a software-testing framework uses for web applications. Selenium provides a tool for authoring tests without the need to test scripting language. The latest version of selenium is 3.12.0. Selenium web driver is the latest technology that allows you to perform tests. We discuss important things to know about selenium. You can get more updated information in selenium online training.

Important things to know about selenium

Make test   Easier to  write

Many developers  are facing problems in writing the test and fixing it . It means they had to make the test easier to write. This led to the creation of Application user for selenium testing

Create  An application User

Application user can  create a new Lucid chart, setting up a subscription. And can create a document. In this class contains access to back-end services. You can make things such as adding new team members, uploading images or fonts. Finally, creating subscription levels. The following is an example of how the developer uses an application user.

 Create  An Application Driver

There are many ways to get an element using the web driver. There are countless ways to perform  different actions. Some of them are dragging, clicking, typing and using the scroll wheel .Application driver extends  selenium web driver and adds action class. We include methods

having most common actions. They are clicking an element, executing a script dragging and dropping web elements. The  class  contains  simpler  methods  such  as  the ones shown below

Important things to know about Selenium

Selenium Web Driver

There are two features common in web driver and selenium RC. Both of them allow the use of programming language in designing scripts. And they allow the user to run the tests against different browsers. The difference between them is the architecture and speed. The architecture is simple for  WD compared to Wd. Similarly the speed of WD is faster than selenium Rc. Because Rc has the ability to control the browser engine directly, whereas selenium RC uses JavaScript to control a browser. Important things to know about Selenium

Page Object Arrangement

POM is an object  Repository design pattern in selenium web driver. Page factory is an optimized way to create object repository. hence Page Object Model creates our own testing code. POM made major differences in creating tests sustainable. This page object pattern simply recognizes actions in the page. For Example, Login page recognizes  how to submit  operator ID’S.You can get clear information on selenium online course.

Use  DOM  IDs

Search for an element in DOM is one of the challenging portions is a selenium test. IDS offer a  way to find key elements to uniquely identify.

Retry  Actions

The are reasons for false negatives in the selenium test. The reason is selenium opens panel before the JavaScript execute. finally, This led to a lot of exceptions for an element not found and element not clickable. The solution was simple every time we get the error to add a wait. If  still we learn about Important things to know about Selenium

Have fun with it.

At the beginning of the selenium .many of the tests failed periodically with no reason. The tests were repetitive and hard to write. Many developers have faced this problem. Finally, selenium establishes a framework. so, It is more reliable, maintainable and scalable. Developer designed a way to take screenshot comparison tool. So  image use comparison are done easily. We can also focus on collaboration on documents. We can see tests that take several users and use chat to build a  large document.     

Make Tests Reliable

False negatives are the worst part about selenium tests. It makes difficult to run them. Nobody wants to deal with the failed build. So make the test pass. At Lucid, this was a major problem. We have to retry our test actions for yielding better results.

 Make tests easier to update

Many developers are adding updated features. When a  feature was updated, we quickly port the updated DOM. using DOM IDs and Page object Pattern helps make test easily updated.

Recommended  Audience:

Software Engineers

web developers

Team leads     


Anyone who is interested to become a tester can take this course.It ‘s   good to have basic  knowledge of scripting  languages and  Basics of any programming language.If you have no idea also no problem onlineitguru  will guide you everything in simpler manner.

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