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Post By Admin Last Updated At 2020-06-11
Php Vs Java

For Developing any Application, we need a best programming language like Java and Php. Php is known as Server Programming language, coming to Java it is a Client programming language. Java offers best programming for Desktop applications and it is a server language, by this user can easily do server side programming. In our blog php vs Java, we will discuss more features about them.

Scripting Support

We know that Php is server side scripting language used for web development. It do not work with object-oriented features, but it support OOP features. For this Reason, many websites use PHP because it is just like an object-oriented programming language.

If we take on the other side, Java is an object-oriented language; it deals with Functional paradigm like lambda expression. This type of paradigms are very much important to script some of modular applications for software. For this reason, many programmers prefer Java for Designing Enterprise applications. In addition, they provide the advantages of the latest programming.

Executing Code

We can execute Php code in many ways, and they can embed the PHP code in HTML code. With the help of Script, tag and they can execute PHP code by using content management system.

If we take on the other side, Java source code is compiled with the help of byte-code, executed with JVM that is Java Virtual machine. It is executed with help of CPU, so with that Java byte, code Runs Smoothly. We have online Java compiler which is the best feature.


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What is Language Tool?


Java has Many editors like eclipse, NetBeans, and IntelliJ. It Improves the management of large products. Coming to PHP it has a plug, in that known as Net-beans. we have Java Update every year.


PHP uses only files where there is no packaging available. Similarly Java uses Packaging tool like Web start, Maven, Editors, ANT and many more.


We know that PHP is an open Source, it allows users to update any code and we do not need to pay any amount to it. Programmers use PHP framework for developing enterprise applications. Here Customization done in Server side scripting language, according to the Enterprise Development with php global variable.

Coming to Java, it is not a open source programming language. It makes use of open JDK, which is used for the implementing Java Programming language. Not to mention Price cost us more than a PHP project.

What about Security?

Not to mention this both languages offer best security features. However, PHP not satisfy in the part of Integrated security features. When it compared to any other programming languages. No problem programmers have an option to upgrade security features, that offered by many frameworks of PHP. For protecting their Company applications. Coming to collections we have many collections in Java.


Generally PHP separates the file and give outputs for each call. We do not have any compilation process in PHP. Where we in CGI Model the compilation do not make any point for that. Coming to Java it is a constant JVM, that which have minimum speed in the point of compilation, it compiles JITs hotspots, JSP files with Proof.

What is your Choice?

Until now, we have seen all the comparisons, between these two scripting languages. Java script is a client choice and PHP is a Server choice. When using PHP code, you will execute the actual Server, and where Java can operate on client computer. However, if the client do not support Java run-time Environment, then the web page do not work properly.

Selection of language Depends on your Project.

You have to go with Java, if your project contains Concepts such as. Server-side technologies like Jboss, Apache, Glass-fish, Geronimo and many more. Hardware, which works on general programming and Big Data Analytics. Especially If the project has Android apps, scientific computing, and enterprise software.

Moreover  You have to consider PHP, if your Project Deals with CMS like Joomla, Drupal, WordPress .  Coming to servers if your project contains PostgreSQL, Sybase, oracle, Maria Db, MySQL.

Similarities between these two languages


If the language is, completely object oriented nor partially object oriented. Both of these languages has many useful techniques like polymorphism, encapsulation, and Inheritance. The main thing with object oriented programming languages is, they design your much modular; with this you can reuse the code with Java run-time.

Entry point when you initiate your program, the interpreter and the compiler look at where it starts the execution.

Syntax of both languages like Conditional operators, Defining the variables, classes and looping Structures, which are similar to other type of languages. This make easy for Developers. So the developers work on the Cross platform, and they should have many projects which use both of this languages.

I completed our blog php vs Java, in upcoming blogs, I will definitely update many topics on this two languages. If you are Interested in Java online training you can contact our OnlineITguru team, they are always available.

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