Power BI latest updates

Microsoft Power BI is the trending BI tool in the IT market. The demand for this product has increased day-to-day. Microsoft has released the Power BI latest updates to attract more and more customers in the IT market. Recently, it has released some updates in July. But they did not stop there. So now, they have released the new updates. And today, in this article, I would share the Power  BI latest updates.

Today organizations were very curious to drive the business decisions. Moreover, today enterprises need an enterprise business platform to meet sophisticated needs. And These needs range from self-service of Power BI online course to full enterprise governance.  Additionally,  from paginated reports to full interactive data exploration. And finally from small data-sets to petabytes of data.

Power BI latest updates :

In July, power BI laid the road-map.  This helps organizations to modify the modern and traditional Power bi platform.  This empowers the business analyst by expanding the self-data preparation. Moreover, Through this, we can analyze the big data.  Since then, they have shipped the number of capabilities that deliver on this road-map.  Additionally premium, multi Geo allows customers to address the data residency requirements. Moreover, with trillions of rows of data,  aggregations enable the data analysis over the petabytes data sets. Moreover, Power BI home landing  and dashboard commenting make it easier to get the most important content and collaborate across the  enterprises

Data flow in Power BI :

Since olden days, power BI desktop includes a robust self-service data perceptions capabilities. This is done through a power  BI through a power  BI query based experience. They added that they feel excited to announce the public preview of data flows in power BI. This has the following advantages:

Data flows to enable the business analyst to create the data precepetation logic. Across the multiple Power BI reports and dashboards this can eb reused

To create a sophisticated data transmission pipelines data flows were linked . This enables the business analyst to build on each other work. And a new recalculation engine automatically tracks dependencies and recomputes the new data.

In customer Azure data lake storage Gen 2 instance, data flows can be configured to store the data. And the Business Analyst can seamlessly operate on the data. This data is usually stored in an Azure data lake storage. This can be achieved through scaled performance and security. Meanwhile with advanced analytics and AI  data scientist and data engineers. This can be done through complementary services like  Azure machine learning, Azure data bricks, and Azure  SQL data warehouse.

Data-flow :

Data flow to support the Microsoft common data model. This enables the organization the ability to leverage the standardized and extensible collection of data schemas. Moreover, Columbia sportswear uses Power Bi. This is to empower a broad group of employees. Because this self-discover, monitor the insights across the diverse range of data sources in the cloud and on – premises. Here data flows the new possibilities for their analysts. Chris Weiss, senior analytics product manager at Columbia sportswear said, data flows are more exciting additions to Power BI. It amplifies the Power BI ability to handle the large data sets. And beyond the  resources of the PC, the analyst can now scale the large data  transformations

 SQL Server Reporting in Power BI :

For business analytics, a modern, compliant and unified BI platform is easier than the latest enterprise operational reporting capabilities. Today SQL server reporting services is an integral part of the Power bi .and this is available under the public preview.  This provides a unified secure, enterprise-wise reporting platform. Finally  this is accessible across the many user devices. Power BI latest updates

Finally, I would like to conclude the Power BI desktop features:

Follow questions  for Q & A  explorer

New modeling view

Expand and collapse matrix row  headers

Copy and paste between PBIX files

Recommended Audience :

Software Developers

Team Leaders

Project Managers

System Admins


This course does not initially require the programming skills.  Moreover, there are nothing much prerequisites for learning  Power BI tool.  In addition  it is better to have a knowledge of basic analytical skills and some knowledge of  Excel and reporting tools. Finally Trainers of Onlineitguru will teach you from the basic if you don’t have knowledge on those topics. Master in Power BI from OnlineITGuru through Power BI online course bangalore.

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