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Post By Admin Last Updated At 2020-06-11
Pycon 2019 Registrations are open

Python is a powerful and evergreen programming language. It has been green even after the three decades of its arrival because of its latest features and updates available today. This is because this has been used by the in various fields like data science, (or) any application development. Today this is preferred as a programming language for the completion of the project. It goes on updating new features frequently. Recently pycon 2019 registrations are open. 

This is because the length of code need to be written for the development of an application is less when compared to the other programming languages like JAVA. And moreover, the most advantage of developing the python language is that it does not require variable declaration (or) initialization before the development of the project. And these python programming languages do not have an end. If you were new to the Python programming language visit python online training

This is because the python team has been announcing the new features through the Pycon. And today most of the coders are interested to attend the pycon. This is because many great coders will participate in the Pycon. And they would like to share their ideas plans and agenda in the pycon. But many people fear to attend the pycon because of the expenses. And to attend this they would charge you much. But these team has been providing the financial aid too.

Pycon 2019 Registrations

As said above, Pycon 2019 registrations are open. And they were selling the 800 tickets at a discount rate. So follow the steps to get register for the pycon registration fee  

How to register:

Create an account in the us.pycon.org. In the registration, tab registers yourself. Once you have registered, you do need to pay the registration fee. The  registration fee details were given below:

Earlier, for corporate, the bidding was $550, $350 for individuals,  and $100 for students.and the regular prices will go into the effect. And after the completion of these 800 tickets,  regular pricing will be $700 for corporate, $400 for individuals and $125 for students.

Actually, the pycon will take place on May 1-9  2019 in Cleveland, Ohio. The core conference may 3-5 2019 packs in three days. And this worth of community 95 best talks, Amazing keynote speakers, and finally famed lighting task to close each day. In this pycon usually, 3000 people join and share their feeling It's joining a conversation in the hallway. This contains the creators of open source projects, Pycon 2019 Registrations are open.

Pycon Financial Aid :

As said above pycon will be arranged in a large place. And so people need to stay in hotels to make their task done. And this is one more extra expense. In the official site for the pycon, you need to check I require a speaker grant if my proposal is accepted. Doing this there is no need of filling the financial aid application. So upon acceptance, we will gather the appropriate information. This includes the speakers who checked the box. On the basis of the presentation, programming committee evaluates the proposals. And finally, the financial aid team comes there and checks how they could help the speakers.

Usually, the python team offers the grants to the people of all kinds of ages. The candidate may be a student (or) an employees (or) a household, location (or) involvement in both the conference and the greater Python community. Our process aims to help a large number of people with partial grants. This was an opposition to cover the full expenses for a small number of people. This year, the python software foundation is providing $110000 USD towards the financial aid. Moreover, Pyladies can contribute as much as they can. This was based on 2018 contributions, Pycon 2019 Registrations are open.

But to attend the pycon 2019 India conference, you must have a good knowledge over the python. This can get through the real-time training of the python online course

Recommended Audience :

Software  Developers

Team Leaders

Project Managers

Database developers


There are nothing additional prerequisites required in order to Learn Python course. It's better to have a basic knowledge of programming languages like C  (or ) Java. But not mandatory. Trainers of OnlineITGuru will teach you from the basics if you don't have that knowledge.