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Post By Admin Last Updated At 2020-06-11
Reasons to learn Tableau

There is nothing auspicious to say, that there would be one data center for every city. This is because the amount of data generated is being increased in an unexpected manner.  According to the recent statistics, every day, we were experiencing the 2.5 Quintilian bytes of data. And by the year 2020, scientist expect 1.7 Megabytes of data generated every day. And there are 4100667587 internet users across the globe. The amount the data generated in this decade is double the data generated over the past decade. Moreover to say exactly, half of the these generated data is from the past two years only. And this data cannot be handled by the databases (or) frameworks to analyze and predict the future data. So we need to take the support of the tools like Tableau. Today I'm going to explain to you the reasons to learn tableau.

Tableau is one of the hottest business intelligence tools from the year 2016. This data visualization tool has gained popularity in small and big companies. If you Google the top business intelligence tools, you will definitely find Tableau on the top. This is because its time to learn tableau. So now let me straight away move to the topic.

Reasons to learn Tableau:

High demand and pay for the tableau professionals:

As per the given statistics above, data is increasing in an exponential fashion. So with this, there is a high need to use a tool like a tableau. And companies were looking for the tableau certification people in the market. And today many companies were in need of the tableau developers. Besides companies do not considering the much for the tableau professionals pay. According to the recent survey, the average salary for the tableau developer is $ 104672.

As shown above, since there is a high demand for the tableau tool, today many people prefer for the Tableau Online Training. And many software developers today think that this is the best way to learn tableau. Besides this many job portal like Indeed, Naukri says many people were applying for the tableau development post.

Top companies were looking for the tableau Talents :

As said above many companies were looking for the tableau talents. Almost all the companies like Facebook, dell, Applied system, Net Jets, Group on, Bank of America, KPMG, Verizon are looking for the tableau developers. So If you would like to do the job in MNC, tableau training is the right career for you.

Variety  of Job role offers:

So after learning the tableau tutorial, you can be placed as one of the following:

  • Tableau constant
  • Data analyst
  • Business Analyst
  • BI  Analyst
  • Business Intelligence Developer
  • Business Intelligence Manager
Tableau Future :

Due to high performance, tableau was named as a leader in the data visualizations and Business Intelligence market. This is a tool is a big competitor for many data analyzing tools in the IT industry. So what do you think now? Many business Intelligence trends have already mastered this trend and people were busy in mastering the tableau.

So till now, we have read, reasons to learn tableau. So I would like to move to

Ways to advance the tableau career:
Use tableau every day:

Nothing can be learned in a single attempt. As long as you practice, you will be getting a grip on the subject. Every week this tool through makeover Monday get the best and the fresh data. This helps you to analyze the data. Besides tableau tutorial Additionally, this contains articles and vizzes that makes you master in the tableau.

Get tableau certified:

Getting certified a tableau gives you more value in the IT industry.  As long as your experience goes on, this certification provides a way to the bright career in the Industry. Getting certified on different modules like a Desktop specialist, Desktop Qualified Associate, have a high demand when compared to other candidates at interview time

Conclusion :

So likewise there are many steps that can help you to become a pioneer in the tableau. So in 2019, this tool expects high demand for the companies as well as the employees. And the people who were expecting the good pay and good career in the IT industry can enroll for the course.