Roles of RDS in AWS
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In this digital world, technology is changing a lot. So people are also changing according to technology. For instance, can we imagine how many companies establish in a day? The number goes very big day-by-day. Hence the number of applications increases every second. Not only for companies or organizations, but every business ideas also have one application. Among every idea there are some applications converts as a product or services. For example, Paytm comes under this category. Still, there are a lot of companies are running ahead to run their ideas into products. So we expect a lot more in the future. Here comes one question what about maintenance?. So Amazon takes this responsibility and makes your application more secure, efficient at low cost.   So we discuss  Roles of RDS in AWS. This will make to understand how to run your application?

Suppose you develop one application. But unfortunately, tons of traffic drives to it within a day. So the server will not get a response to the audience. Then the business for the company faces the loss of the business.  There may be a lot of problems with the security to maintain. To simplify them Amazon web services comes on RDS concept. Here AWS RDS can set up, operate and update all the operations. Users have to select a database and launch it with a single click. Then it will manage all your service automatically. You can learn more on aws in aws online training

What is Amazon Relational Database Service? (Amazon RDS)

Amazon RDS is a web service which can use to operate and scale a relational database in the cloud. It provides the re-sizable and cost-efficient database. RDS is not a data base, it’s just a service that manages the database. The main components are DB instance, Regions, security, Db parameter groups & options.

DB Instances

DB Instances are building blocks of RDS. It can contain multiple user-created databases. A DB instance creates using AWS management console or AWS command line interface. The memory capacity depends on the DB class. For each DB instance, you select from 5 to 6 Tb of storage capacity.  Generally, DB instances are of 3 types. They are Standard instance, Memory Optimized, and Micro instances etc.


AWS Resources are available in different data centers. We call this area as a region. Similarly, each region has multiple availability zones. Users can deploy their DB instances in multiple Availability zones (AZ). I suppose if there is any failure in AZ in your region. Then there is  a second option to switch over to. We call failure instance as standby. Similarly, call original instance as a primary instance.

Security Groups

A security group can control access of DB instance. By specifying IP addresses you can control the access. Generally, Amazon RDS uses 3 types of security groups. Among the first is VPC. VPC controls DB instance. Next is the EC2 security group. It will control access to an EC2 instance which will be used in DB instances. Finally third is DB Security Group. Here it controls the DB instance but not in a VPC.

Roles of RDS in AWS :

Generally when you talk about database services, All the CPU, storage IOs are combined together. One cannot control individually. But  whereas in AWS RDS, one can check each of the parameters individually. It also manages your server updates to latest configuration. It is possible to take backup for everything automatically. This backup can be done in two ways. The first method is an automated backup here we can fix the time when to backup. The second method is DB snapshots here you can manually backup your DB. It is also possible to take snapshots as frequently you want. All the updates of your database in RDS are applied in a maintenance window. This maintenance window helps to define your DB instance.


Finally in this way, one can know Roles of RDS in AWS.  So it is possible to maintain your application in the AWS server. Hence it provides high security. And minimize your cost for applications. This will enhance your business in the future. You can also learn more on was it was an online course. Here you will get all the updates of the amazon database

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