Secrets behind Building the data warehouses

In the current world, data is huge and traditional databases were incapable in order to handle the data. In order to handle this bulk amount of data,  Data warehouses came into existence. These data warehouses were capable of organizing and storing the data effectively. Designing and maintaining the data warehouse is not a simple and easy task.  BI tools like Cognos, Tableau, Informatica, and MSBI uses this data for the submission of the report to the end client.Today  In this article I am going to explain the  Secrets behind Building the data warehouses

This design should be done in an efficient and effective manner so as to retrieve and utilize the data effectively. The design of Data warehouse is not taken by a single person. It should be done a group of people like Project Managers,  Business Analyst and so on. The designer should satisfy the needs and demands of the above-mentioned group of people. The designer must consider the requirements of all the people in the organization.

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The data warehouse works well if we follow certain rules and regulations.Today in this blog, I’m going to explain the Secrets behind the building the data warehouse. Let us walk through one – by – one in detail


This is the initial step in designing a database for the project. For the getting the good structure of the data warehouse, discovering of requirements plays a major role in the creation. The designer must discover the pros and cons while designing a data warehouse.  For example, he must ask the questions like Whether it satisfies all the requirements of the data warehouse? Does it fits for all kinds of Professionals in the organizations? Does it have a capability of generating the report for all kinds of databases? and so on.The designer has to get the answer to all these questions.

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This is the second phase in the design of a data warehouse. In this phase, we people used to design the schematic and systematic models for the design of the database. Proper design of models is the secret behind the life of a data warehouse. Moreover, in this phase, the developer should create the conceptual and logical models for the relational data warehouses and dimensional models to represent the multidimensional cubes. This multidimensional will be represented in different axes like x-axis, y-axis and so on.This design should meet the requirements and need of most of the people in the organization.

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It is Interpret as a practical implementation of the design phase. The development must in a way like the decisions taken in the development phase. This development must satisfy all the needs as desired in the Design phase.The development has basically two components like the mapping of data models to their equivalent physical counterparts, setting up of naming conventions for data warehouse objects.The second step involves the developing the schemes for ETL of data, from external sources in the data warehouse.

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Making the real implementation of a data warehouse is simply known as  Deployment.This deployment of the transactional database is different from the data warehouse. The transactional databases usually start on Monday and end on a Friday evening. And the same user will start a new database on the next Monday. The data warehouse was deployed incrementally to the various groups of users throughout the enterprise.Secrets behind Building the data warehouses

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Once the data warehouse gets into the live, the next step is a day-to-day evaluation of data warehouse.This evaluation report must is necessary for the growth and usage of the data warehouse.  Moreover, based on this report, the designer can get the information regarding the pros and cons of the Successful Data Warehouse.

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This phase involves the protection of data warehouses from the attacks like SQL injections.  You have to plan the entire scope of the entire scope and breadth of defense because this data warehouse contains the most valuable and sensible amount of data. However these threats were basically of two types like internal and external.External include Floods, typhoons earthquakes etc. As a matter of fact, the internal threats include intentional (or) accidental. We can solve this problem by restricting the access to the unknown users

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We have some situations, where there no longer need for the data warehouse.And at that time, we used to decommission the data when it does not satisfy the required conditions.

So, my dear readers, I hope you people have a clarity regarding the development of a data warehouse

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Project Managers

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