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Post By Admin Last Updated At 2020-06-11
Technologies you must learn in 2019

We came across 2018  to 2019. So as the year changes many things changes simultaneously. One of them is technology. W.r.t the time, the demand of the technology varies. We cannot say no technology will be raising all the time. A high demand technology may be low demanding and vice versa. So w.r.t the time, we need to update the new skills. This updation gives you more demand in the IT market. So for 2019, demand for the technologies changes. So, in this article, I would like to explain the Technologies you must learn in 2019.

Technologies you must learn in 2019


As mentioned above, w.r.t the time, demand the programming languages also changes. In olden days FORTRAN and C were the initial popular programming languages. Then after object-oriented languages like  C++ and JAVA rules the industry for some time. so, now its time for Python to rule the IT industry. This python programming language is preferred by many people in the IT industry. This is because this serves a medium for running the back end application. The great advantage of this programming languages is its libraries. Today many developers easily implement the application through its libraries. And this is the heart in data science, business analysis and so on…

This the king in the It industry. Today no department do get the package as much as a data scientist. And today many companies were seeking the best data scientist. And if the candidate has the best knowledge, they do not consider the package need to the offer to the candidate. this data science has a huge project in the year 2019. For analyzing the data, these people were depending on programming languages like python and frameworks like Hadoop.


With the advance of technology need and usage of IoT has increased a lot. This IOT is applicable in several areas in our daily life. And today many people don’t know that we were already using the IOT(Internet of things). And in this decade, we can expect a home without a cable TV connection, but not the Internet connection. Since everyone Today knows Internet users were increasing a lot and we can expect a demand for IOT.

Devops :

Devops has a great demand in the last year and is expecting to have much more in the next year too. According to the recent  Indeed  Job statics, devops stood in the top 3 in the year 2018. This is in terms of the job vacancy, salary, growth etc. so, this devops engineers implement the tools and technologies automation at all levels. And according to the recent statistics,  DevOps positions have grown by 106 % in the few years. Besides these people have a base salary of $123165

 Cyber Security Engineer :                

Security is the major concern for many companies today. With the arrival of IOT in the market,   there is much need for security in the IT market. As the days pass on, data is increasing exponentially. this data cannot be stored in the ordinal databases. And we need to depend on Cloud services like AWS to store and manage the data effectively. And this data must be kept secretly for further usage. So there is a need for the cyber security to protect the data from the external issues.

Machine learning :

The mindset of the people in the IT industry has changed. the people were in a motto of making wonders in the technology. And they were not interested to do the regular and routine things. And they would like to use the machine learning techniques to automate the mechanical works. Besides,  many enterprises and startup were investing much for specialized training and certification in machine learning.

Big data Hadoop :

Usage of traditional databases has become extinct. The amount of the data produced in the last two years is double the data produced over the last two years. Today we were experiencing the 2.5 Quintilian bytes of data every day. And this data may be useful (or) useless. And this data may be duplicate data. So we need to undergo the data cleansing to process the data.  So there is a high demand for the framework like big data Hadoop to process the data. This framework divided and process the data parallelly.

Amazon web services :

In the era of cloud enterprises and business were racing to develop use cases, that depends on the cloud platform. This AWS has 40 % of the global share market. Core areas like AWS Certification, AWS EC 2, database servers, storage services have high demand in the IT market. And certification in this area gives you a more demand and value in the market.

Tableau :

Since the data in today's technology is increasing more and more, the need for BI tools is increasing more and more. Among many BI in the It market, Tableau has gained high popularity in the market. It provides rich insights into the business. This bridges the gap between data and business leader and helps them to visualize the data better. And This covers topics like Filters, graphs, table calculation, data blending, and dashboards.


So these technologies play a major role this year. If you are looking for the high salary master it through online. And OnlineITGuru provides training on these technologies. Master your favorite technology from the real-time experts through the respective online course.