Top Automation Testing Tools for 2018
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In this year many changes take place in Software till now. Several updates regarding Java, Selenium, Tableau, Mulesoft, Salesforce, ServiceNow, DataScience, etc… In this blog, we will discuss Top Automation Testing Tools for 2018. For the remaining technologies also I gave some information go through our website if you want.

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Software: A set of executable programmes in a computer is called software.

Testing: Testing is a process of validating “Actual values” and “Expected values”. Actual value means based on the requirement of final development. At the same time based on the client requirement is called expected values.

Software Testing: Software testing is a process of executing an application with an aim of finding defects. Software Testing is 2 ways:

Manual Testing

Automation Testing

Manual Testing: Manual testing in this name we find an answer means it is a process of conduct test on application by human involvement without using any tool is known as Manual testing. The manual tester tests the application based on the client requirement.

Automation Testing: Automation testing is a method of Software testing. It is a Software tool to control the execution of tests and after that compare actual values to the expected values. This process is done automatically with little or no involvement from test engineer. When it compares to manual testing improves the accuracy, saves time and test coverage time will be increased.

Especially In this fast generation, we have so many open sources to test the applications automatically. But in the previous days, manual testers play a key role in testing. If they have knowledge of both manual and automation they can do anything. Let’s know Top Automation Testing Tools for 2018.

Top Automation Testing Tools for 2018

Generally Software testing plays a major role to reach the customer satisfaction, delivery time and deliver successful services. The recent update of World Quality Reports 2017-2018 by Sogeti focus points on trending in software testing and quality. The report shows the organization needs smart results and speed up the decision making and validation. This report also gives the suggest the need for a smart platform that is self-adaptive. Automation tool takes center stage. This post gives the information of best test automation tools and frameworks that have a perspective to assist the organizations to become a top position themselves. The below list explains the open source and commercial test automation solutions.

Top Automation Testing Tools for 2018

Selenium: Selenium is a most possibly famous Open-source web-based automation tool is Selenium. It is not just a tool but it suites for software also. For evergreen automating web-based applications, we can use Selenium. It became a core framework for other open-source tools such as Watir, Robot Framework, and Protractor. selenium supports several systems environments like Mac, Linux, and Windows and browsers like Headless browsers and Chrome. It supports different languages like Ruby, Python, Pearl, Java, PHP, C# and.Net. If testers have more knowledge with Selenium and they write advance and complex test scripts to meet complexity levels, but it requires advanced programming knowledge and efforts.

Katalon Studio: Katalon Studio is Open Source and powerful test automation which allows web services, web application mobiles. It is developed by KMS technology. This tool allows the different levels testing skills set. By using this tools nonprogrammers can easily find the automation testing. As a matter of fact When testers have knowledge of programming those peoples save time from the creating libraries and maintaining scripts. Simultaneously this tool is totally free it makes more unique than the existing paid tools.

UFT: Usually For functional testing Unified Functional Testing is a famous commercial testing tool. It gives dealing with all features set for API GUI testing of desktop, mobile applications around the platform. Most Important this tool has the advantage of image-based recognition feature and reusable components. This tool integrated with Mercury Quality Center.

Watir: Watir is an automation testing tool to drive the Internet Explorer web browser in Ruby scripting language we can use Watir. In the mean Time, It is an open-source tool for web automation testing which supports cross-browser testing including Opera, IE, and Firefox.

TestComplete: Finally TestComplete is an automation testing tool developed by SmartBear software. At the same time It is a dynamic commercial tool for desktop testing, mobile, and web. In the same fasion it supports different scripting languages like JavaScript, Python, C++, and VBScript.

Most important I hope from this blog you get some knowledge on Top Automation Testing Tools for 2018. I know this is not complete information on best automation tools but, what I have in my mind just put on this blog.

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