What are the 5 Common Challenges in Selenium
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Selenium is a free automation testing tool. And it suites for web applications across different browsers and platforms. For this reason, it can be used across all companies. Selenium is well suited for product based companies. Testing is more important for every company. Almost all organizations should follow automation testing. In automation testing, people chose Selenium as a testing tool.

With some great qualities of Selenium organizations get benefits, those are: it is a freeware and open source robotization device. It has no forthright direct costs included. Selenium Supports a scope of dialect including Java, C#, Ruby, Python, JavaScript, Perl and so on. It can work with different languages, whatever the engineers alright with their skills. Selenium can support various operating system. Which executes mobile applications also Apple, Android, and Blackberry.

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Every application has some cons and pros. Likewise, there are five common challenges in Selenium. For every tester have to face these challenges while using Selenium. Here I want to address five common challenges and this blog show how to solve these challenges. What are the 5 Common Challenges in Selenium.

Identifying dynamic content


By using Selenium it’s very difficult to identify the content with generated attributes. This content will be based on the dynamic identifiers (IDs). At the time of element displayed it shows new identifier(IDs) for every time. It makes difficult to identify the web elements based on attributes. Take an example, “Yahoo User Interfer Library” this is a web application IDs. At page reloading time this IDs will changes. For this case, we cannot use ID locator to identify the element.

How to Solve it:

For every problem, there will be a solution. For this challenge, Ranorex comes with RanoreXPath. It identifies, which attribute to use then we can easily check the object. In the same way we Take a look at the post here to solve a specific problem when identifying elements. However If you added to the rule, as a result we can create code and run them on web driver endpoints. In the same fashion this can be explained in What are the 5 Common Challenges in Selenium.

What are the 5 Common Challenges in Selenium

Dealing with timing issues


Another challenge, time is the precious thing for everyone. Likewise, while we are testing web applications- is handling time issues. Sometimes query takes a long time to get output. For this problem, to overcome this issue we implement a wait a second code in Selenium.

How to Solve it:

Especially To overcome this problem Ranorex creates automatically search time-out for each one. For more details on repository time-out, have a look on below you can understand more. In this additionally added clearly. Wait for disappearing or appear by using Wait for not exist or Wait for the exit. This can be known as What are the 5 Common Challenges in Selenium.What are the 5 Common Challenges in Selenium

Maintaining web elements


It’s very difficult to maintain web elements in complex scenarios. In the case of pure Selenium Web-driver. It’s very tricky to use scenarios in multiple times.

How to Solve it:  To avoid this issue we can use Ranorex, In Ranorex, Especially we can use central object repository to manage the web elements. For Instance We need to change once and all changes will apply automatically to this web element. Simultaneously this is the part of What are the 5 Common Challenges in Selenium.

Implementing data-driven testing


Coming to another challenge Selenium Web-driver doesn’t have a data-driven testing mechanism. In other words that means we have connected automatically to external data sources. At the same time If you want data-driven tests must add some external data sources.

How to Solve it:

Ranorex already have data-driven testing. We chose additional preparation in several types of data connectors. From different sets, Especially we can execute data sets automatically through these external sources. Simultaneously You find detailed information on below. For example this can be discussed in What are the 5 Common Challenges in Selenium.What are the 5 Common Challenges in Selenium



Generally Reporting is the important aspect of any test automation. To enumerate if we use Selenium Web-driver there are more possibilities to achieve reporting. But In particular we implement code using third-party integration.

How to Solve it:

By using Ranorex no worries in reporting. When you execute a website test, Ranorex will provide report automatically. At the same time I hope this blog gives some idea of What are the 5 Common Challenges in Selenium.

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There is nothing prerequisite required for learning Selenium. It’s good to have analytical skills and knowledge of some and the basic idea of troubleshooting and some knowledge of programming languages like Java, C#,  PERL and one database like MySql. In OnlineITGuru Trainers will teach you from the basics.

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