What are the Popular AWS Cloud Trends in 2018
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Amazon Web Services is a subsidiary for Amazon.com. AWS is a Cloud computing platform to individuals, companies, and government. It offers to compute power, database storage. AWS also helps to increase business growth on a large scale. It helps organizations to move faster, lower IT costs and scale applications. AWS allows subscribers for a virtual cluster at all time. The developer can use AWS Lambda for server-less functions that will automatically run the code. Here in this Post, you can get a clear idea about What are the Popular AWS Cloud Trends in 2018.

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What are the Popular AWS Cloud Trends in 2018:What are the Popular AWS Cloud Trends in 2018

Machine Learning Using AWS

AWS has released a new machine learning service which will help to grow your business. AWS machine learning makes easy to work with data. Meanwhile, It is already stored in was a cloud. we use datasets which are stored as CSV files in amazon S3. And we also use MYSQL database in Amazon RDS  to create and use machine learning models.

Raising Importance IOT using AWS

IOT stands for the Internet of things. IOT is a network of physical devices, home appliances embedded with electronics, software, sensors, actuators. hence They enable things to connect, collect and exchange of data. AWS plays the main role in helping enterprises to take this technology. It is announcing new services like IoT One-click, AWS Iot device management. AWS also introduces Device defender, AWS Iot Analytics.

Series of securities principles

Aws provides best security principles. They are implementing a strong identity foundation. Best data protection, prepare for security events and infrastructure protection. so, These are series of security principles in AWS.

Big-data with AWS

Amazon web service has released Amazon Alexa for business making. It will help things very easy. We can able to know how it works and how business people are using it.

Media using AWS

As soon as AWS Media Service aims to get production of reliable, flexible and scalable video offerings in the cloud. Next Users can expect the highest quality video experience. The data delivery is more secure. The video quality is adapting with all devices.   Previously the specialized broadcast equipment is expensive and inflexible. It is slow in terms of adapting to new devices and platforms. At last AWS media services eliminate the problem of such rigid and expensive equipment for data centers.

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Virtual Reality Experience using AWS

First, it is possible to create a virtual reality environment using AWS. Amazon Sumerian enables developers to build virtual reality environment easily. What are the Popular AWS Cloud Trends in 2018, Furthermore So using AWS users can experience VR, AR, and 3D Effects. And It is very for developers to design it quickly and easily without requiring any specialized programme or 3D Graphics expertise.

Server-less Implementations

At first Server-less cloud allows the developers to manage and operate any infrastructure easily. Next, the main advantages using server-less applications are enhanced memory capacity and traffic shifting. Amazon Aurora Server-less is the new auto-scaling configuration. At last, for highly variable workloads it is useful.

Risk Management

For any industry, continuous monitoring is the key to risk management. And AWS offers a number of tools for trace-ability and governance. almost AWS offers services such as Cloud Trail, Cloud Watch and Config. So you can monitor, analyze and audit your events in a cloud environment.

Cyber Security

 At first, Security is shared responsibility between the cloud provider and a customer. Next for managing security AWS has developed and implemented a security control environment. besides They is Amazon inspector. Finally, It performs automated security assessments to scan cloud environments. And In fact, they are the What are the Popular AWS Cloud Trends in 2018.


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