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Post By Admin Last Updated At 2020-06-11
What is Amazon EC2?

Getting a Job in Amazon as a Developer is not an easy thing. But some experts say that it would be easy if we have a good knowledge at AWS. Good Salaries and job satisfaction are there with AWS. Experienced persons are trying to get a certified in AWS. This certificate will help to reach a higher position in the current working company. AWS(Amazon Web Services) is now the top technology in the market. All peoples well know that is AWS is a cloud computing technology which can decrease the cost by yearly. From starting to till now it decrease to 43% as compared to the starting cost. Most of the people are not believe this fact. It provides more benefits to users like cost reduction, security so many things. We will discuss below. Through this blog, I explained What is Amazon EC2? and life cycle and types of the instance.

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What is Amazon EC2?

Let's see what is Amazon EC2? and what is the use of Amazon EC2 in Amazon? Amazon EC2 (Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud) is a web service. By using Amazon EC2 we can launch and manage server instances in Amazon's data center. It eliminates the use of hardware up front, so we can develop and deploy the applications fastly. We can use this one at any time, and for any legal purpose. It reduces the time to obtain and boost up the new server instance to minutes. If we install software without using Amazon EC2 it will take hours. It allows to quickly scale capacity, both up and down, as your computing requirements changes. Using Amazon EC2 we can invest capital only for capacity what we use.

The life cycle of EC2 Instance

Before going to know the life cycle of EC2 Instance. Let's know what happens in real-computers. In the life cycle of real-computers are they go different stages from power-on to power-off. If someone hits the power button and the computer will shut-down normally. If it is working are not we will pay money. Of course, they consume the power if is it on condition and pay money for power. If the computer is in off-mode, but the information stored on hard drives. We will wait until the machine is power on. To avoid these problems take a look on below.

To avoid those problems most of the peoples go through the cloud. Different cloud has different features. In Amazon EC2 there are two different ways to boost up the instance. We will get different life-cycle methods depends upon which boost method are being used. We can boost from S3-backed AMI or ESB-backed AMI. Both methods have advantages and disadvantages. I think someone is thinking about an AMI. AMI is nothing but a pre-configured bundle software location. All software is located in this AMI no need to install software separately. We can create own AMI also. AMI is the part of the S3, it is a storage part of the Amazon.What is Amazon EC2

Suppose we can launch an AMI, need to provide some parameters. Security group instance, private pk file, how many instances we would launch and size of that instance. Likewise, we should provide lots of parameters. Once this AMI is launch, the instance would start launching. Initially, it would be a pending stage and starts the copying the files from S3 and assigns parameters. After that, instance coming to the running stage. All public and private IP's are available in this instance and then we can restore the software what we want.What is Amazon EC2

While we don't use this instance it's compulsory to terminate that one. If we terminate this instance all IP's will be terminated, this is the complete cycle. In some cases, we forget to terminate the instance, at that time Amazon should charge the cost. That is our concern, not Amazon concern, it always charges for running instance. As above discussed Amazon have some special instance are ESB Backed instance. This can provide an additional stage called stop instance stage. With this option, the instance will be terminated and there is no cost. Finally, this blog explains What is Amazon EC2?

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