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Post By Admin Last Updated At 2020-06-11
What is Amazon S3?

The blog explains the What is Amazon S3, and its Advantages. I hope this blog gives a very clear understanding of the services. The storage problem is increasing every day. So, building and maintaining the applications is very difficult. Without storage space, we can't do anything. In previous days, all people using with a hard drive for storage purpose. There are several problems with hard drives.

Suppose, the system is in power off mode, in that case sharing data is not possible. This is one of the reasons why people are not going with the hard drive. For this issue, the cloud provides a storage space for cloud users. While the system is in power-off mode also, we can share the data, how means we can log in cloud account in another system. Using this storage very easy to share and maintenance the services. You want to be a part of AWS(Amazon Web Services), go with the Onlineitguru members. They will provide better online services.

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Keep all issues on mind Amazon comes with internet storage service called Amazon S3. It is very highly scalable object-based storage for business. Apart from the Amazon S3, learn the most important point of AWS is its flexibility. All applications will run automatically and handle according to the situation. The most well-known of these services are Amazon S3 and Amazon EC2. In the previous blog, I explained What is Amazon EC2. In this blog, I am going explain What is Amazon S3?

What is Amazon S3?

Amazon S3 is a simple storage device provided by Amazon. This service is a cloud storage over the internet. The purpose to design is to make web-scale computing very easy for every developer and increase the benefits. And, pass those benefits to the developers. It is a very simple web service, which is used to store the data and get back the data from anywhere on the web at any time. It can allow any developer with the same highly scalable, fast, and reliable. We can achieve the above tasks like getting back data are very easy with the AWS Management Console. The below figure shows the getting started with Amazon Simple Storage Service and how to use the AWS Management Console. I hope you should have some idea after reading this blog What is Amazon S3?What is Amazon S3

Advantages of Amazon S3:

Amazon S3 is built with minimal features and it set the focus on robustness and simplicity. The below shows the advantages of Amazon S3.

Create Buckets:

These are basic containers in Amazon S3. Frist thing is to create a bucket and name it for identification. Obviously, it can store the data.

Store data in Buckets:

We can store an infinite amount of data in buckets. In this buckets, we can upload the objects as many as possible and each object has up to 5TB of data.  In this Amazon bucket, every object can store and get back data. By using unique assigned developer key. With this key, users can easily store and get back the data at any time with security.

Download data:

By using Amazon buckets, we can download the data or we can give access to others to do. At any time we can download the data or allow to do others same.


Give the permissions who want to upload or download the data in our Amazon S3 buckets. For three types of users, we can give permissions to upload and download the data. To keep secure our data from unauthorized access take a help of authentication mechanisms. By doing this we can keep our data very secure.

Standard interfaces:

In Amazon S3 some standard interfaces are there, REST and SOAP. Those are designed to work with any Internet-development toolkit. Note: New Amazon S3 does not support the SOAP, in that case, we can use REST API. The AWS S3 is the very important service in Amazon. I hope you understand What is Amazon S3? Get more information through real-time professionals in Onlineitguru.

Recommended Audience:

Software developers

ETL developers

Project Managers

Team Lead’s


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