What is Amazon VPC
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In my previous blogs, I explained Amazon EC2 and Amazon S3. Today, I am going to explain what is Amazon VPC? and how AWS VPC implemented? In cloud computing, the number of services is there. In those Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure are the best technology for providing services to customers. Nowadays, these technologies leading giants. Microsoft Azure is the best option for startup business who have an only concern with cost. But, coming to features and services Amazon Web Services is the best no doubt in that. In developing and testing tools Amazon rated as high performances. Every technology has pros and cons right! same as Azure and AWS have their pros and cons. Based on our needs we can choose which technology is suitable for us. But, in this blog, I am going to discuss What is Amazon VPC?

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What is Amazon VPC?

What is VPC? VPC means virtual private cloud. It is another services in the cloud, which is totally controlled by organizations who can create it. VPC is a private data center and isolated from other organizations VPC. And, if we don’t want this VPC in future, we can terminate it. In this VPC, we have complete control of IP address ranges, the configuration of network gateways, route tables and creation of sub nets. With VPC we have some benefits those are security, privacy and preventing loss of data. Take a look at some basics of VPC

What is Amazon VPC

Sub nets: Sub net means it is a sub-network inside of VPC. It can divide the large network into small. This process is done because maintained the small network is very easy. And, the same way security to the network from another network. In sub nets, they are two types of the private sub net and public sub net. Private sub net will host our database, web server instance, and applications. Public sub nets will give entry level to the private resources. The difference between the two sub nets are Public sub net can have a public IP address and which are accessible from the public open internet. A private sub net is not like that, it does not have any address IP. Which cannot access from the open internet. Inside of VPC does have the access to communicate with each other.

Route Tables: Route table have a number of rules which is called routes. We have several route tables in VPC. Route table identifies where the traffic has to be directed.

Internet Gateways: If we want communication, then VPC must and should connect to the IGW. It is a combination of software and hardware and which can provide the route to the world outside. IGW is a horizontally scaled, redundant. It connects the VPC  and the internet.

Network Address Translation: We can use this NAT gateway is to enable the instance which is private sub net to connect to the internet. Amazon can charge to the creating and using a NAT gateway. It charges hourly usage.

Security groups: Every instance associated with a security group and control the traffic for our instance. we have single security group associated with multiple instances. These are some basics of VPC and let’s see how is AWS VPC implemented? I explained below.

VPC is a separate part of the AWS cloud, which can give the fine-gain control to our resources who can access to them. Take an example, if we want to hide the data to publicity accessible to that point where someone access to the data. In order to access our data also no problem, we have several layers in VPC to protect our data. As above discussed the private sub net host our database and the public could give the entry level to manage the private sub net. And it can also host a NAT, which allows downloading. The reason public sub net is “public” is, which has a connection with the internet gateway and route table routes the traffic. Private sub net does not have this. Finally, I gave a small overview of What is Amazon VPC? I Hope it will Help you.

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