What is AWS Certification

First of all today, many graduates confuse, in selecting which type aws certification useful for them. So, our blog will guide you choose the best certification for your career. To be frank we all know about aws, best cloud provider in the world. as a result satisfying many customers around the globe. It provide 5 certifications, each one has its own importance. In the first place, I will explain each of them, step by step in our what is aws certification blog.What is AWS Certification

What is AWS Certification :

As a matter of fact, Aws certification divided into five types of solutions Basic certification, Designing, Developing, Operations, Specialty.

1) Basic Certification

  • AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner

2) Designing:

  • AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate Level
  • AWS Certified Solutions Architect or AWS Solution Architect- Professional Level

3) Developing:

  • AWS Certified Developer – Associate Level
  • AWS Certified DevOps Engineer – Professional Level

4) Operations:

  • AWS Certified Sysops Administrator – Associate Level
  • AWS Certified DevOps Engineer – Professional Level

5)  Specialty:

  • AWS Certified Advanced Networking
  • AWS Certified Big DataWhat is AWS Certification
Important Point:

If you want to clear, AWS DevOps Certification, finally, you have the best option that you can choose, any one of these two certifications. Developer- Associate certification or system operations (sysops) Administrator- Associate certification. So, you should select a certification level according to your Job role and many more.

On the other hand, Solutions Architect and developer will share 50% of exam syllabus. So if you prepare for one exam, So, you can write another exam easily. Talk is that the Developer exam is easy to pass. While solution architect will make you master all the aws services, that guide you to understand main concepts of AWS. finally, coming to the point if you are a system admin SysOps certification will definitely help you.

Best Tips to get AWS Certification:-

 What is AWS Certification

  1. Enroll for onlineITguru AWS Training sessions, the best aws training institute. With this, you can increase more knowledge in cloud computing.
  2. Follow the Exam guides and Attend online tests conducted by aws online training.
  3. Practice makes a man perfect. With practicing, you will get the confidence to clear the aws Certifications.
  4. After that enroll for Aws online test, select the certification exam according to your current job profile.

Now we will discuss each and Every certification in very deep.

The basic certification is AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner

In the same fashion, this is the entry-level aws certification, finally designed to progress the candidate overall thinking on the AWS cloud.

Exam time 90 minutes

AWS certification cost 100 USD

Exam mode Multiple choice questions

Requirements: At least he or she should have 6 months of cloud experience. May be, Roles like sales, managerial, technical.

For what this certification helpful!

You will understand the basic principles of the AWS cloud. What are the main services and its common uses? Securities and models of security, main deployment and operating principles.

Types of AWS Certifications

AWS certified solutions Architect- Associate

It is an associate exam, hence, who has little experience in making Distributed apps. So after this exam, So, they can design and manage applications by using tools and services of AWS course.

Specifically, this exam upgraded from February 2018.

In particular, this exam has multiple choice, you can easily select.

Time is 130 minutes.

Price is 150 USD

Surprisingly the main moto of this exam is to get to know about Network technologies. And aws depended applications, to design quality applications and measurable systems.

AWS certified Developer-Associate

Certainly, this Exam is all about handling and developing AWS applications. So, you should know how to write exact script. Therefore this script uses AWS software to get access to aws applications within Business applications.

Exam mode: Multiple Choice.

80 minutes is the time

Price is 150 USD.

Significantly this exam will shows basic AWS Architecture and main aws services. It has the best hands-on experience in developing, designing, and maintaining applications.

AWS Certified SysOps Administrator- Associate.

Fortunately, it is for system administrators. So, you should have complete knowledge of system administrators and AWS platform.

Exam cost: 150 USD

Time: 80 minutes.

At the same time exam Format is multiple choice.

Exam overview:

Eventually, we can move the applications to the AWS platform. Sending the data and receiving the data between aws and data centers.  Adopting exact AWS services to meet a company needs. Handling, securing systems in Aws environment.

Start Preparation with OnlineITGuru SysOps administrator course.

AWS certified solutions Architect – Professional

Interestingly AWS architect is the professional who can progress, Almost organization requirements and design architectural references for making, and moving applications on AWS. So, it needs designing aws depended applications.

Requirements should have complete experience of Deploying cloud architecture on AWS.

Exam mode: Multiple choices

The time required 170 minutes

Exam price is 300 USD

What all the areas it covered.

Practicing and Designing applications on aws.

Adopting exact aws services for the need of an application. Going towards complex application systems to aws.

Should have knowledge of optimization strategies.

AWS Certified DevOps Engineer- Professional

In the light of this certification, Due to enumerate it is about managing and operating applications in aws. So, not only this exam targets on Non-stop Delivery but also automation of Processes and main basic concepts of DevOps.

Requirements: He should be already a AWS certified Developer or AWS certified sysops administrator associate. For this reason, he should be expertise in handling aws applications. He should understand modern applications and developments like Agile Development methodology.

As usual Exam format contains multiple choice and multiple answers.

In fact, the time will be 170 minutes, and the price is 300 USD

Particularly it covers in like manner, modern CD methods and operation of CD systems. For example, to tell the truth, it starts with checking and logging into AWS login.

Requirements: Similarly he should have latest Associate level certification, and at least he should have minimum 5 years of experience.

Almost exam format will be multiple choices and exam time will be 3 hours.

At the same time exam cost is a little bit high 300 USDWhat is AWS Certification

AWS Certified Big Data- Specialty

Identically if you have experience in Data analytics with AWS services, for designing big data applications, it is beneficiary. Of course, this certification designed in such a way to progress, together with candidate experience in getting the value, from data by implementing AWS Services.

What are all this certification covers?

Furthermore designing best practices of Aws big data services. In regard to Creating and controlling bug data. Familiar with AWS tools to design automation of data analysis. In all Honesty, he should be experienced in securing Big Data Solutions.

Uniquely start Preparing with OnlineITGuru Big data Specialty Certification for AWS.

AWS certified Advanced Networking – Specialty

Apparently, AWS Certified Advanced networking – Specialty certification that is for progressing a candidate skill and experience. So, correspondingly for Determining, critical networking works on AWS IT networking.

What all this certification cover

Clearly speaking about this, Designing, Developing and Deploying cloud applications with AWS. Implementing best services of aws with Architecture. So, by the same token Automating AWS works for network deployments. Security, network optimization and by the way of example troubleshooting.

AWS Certified Security – Specialty

Not to mention the AWS Certified Security- Specialist certification, Actually this will cover all the things that are needed to master all the security fundamentals. Finally, this Certification validates your knowledge of AWS security.

I Think you understand my blog on what is AWS certification. You can get best AWS Certification Training from OnlineITGuru. Similarly In next blog we will discuss about the Important questions on all this certifications. Thank you for reading my blog.

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