What is Azure Bot Service?

Azure bot service is AI Chat bot, which is provided as a service on Azure cloud. With this service, we can add intelligent agents and no need of developing our own AI. We can add this service to Microsoft Skype for Business, cortona, websites, emails and many more. Therefore, in our what is Azure Bot service blog, we will discuss more topics about it.

What is a bot?

A bot is a program or a script of a computer programming language on a network that interact with a user. Build a bot on your own with Azure.

What is Azure Bot Service

Especially Microsoft Azure provides a software development kit (SDK) and tools for bot developers. By that, they can add bots to websites in the way of Azure Bot Builder. The Bots, which are made with help of Azure Bot builder, were automatically added to the Directory of Microsoft. In other words this Bot service also supports the bots that are designed in C, Java script, Java, Python.

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Now we will discuss more about Azure Bot Services.

It uses machine Vision to remember users from Content and pictures.

It translates the language.

Shows smart recommendations.

It takes measures to support the growth.

As the 2018 reports, Azure is having 3,000,000 bots that are used worldwide.

Microsoft made this service available for Developers

It introduced this service more than two years ago. Every Company designing this chat bots for many different purposes. Today it made this service as a general to everyone, we know that it is Microsoft Azure Bot service. Also known as cognitive language understanding Service (LUIS).

Design your Knowledge Bot

A knowledge Bot designed to offer information virtually on anything. For Instance one Knowledge Bot can answer, questions related to technology, and other bots answer questions related to physics. So it giving us a option to create our own bot. According to our needs we design them in a bot app.

Bot Working Principles

Generally a bot is nothing but an Application (app) that interacts with you in a conversational way. By using graphics, text, speech. Every Communication between, bot and user will generate an activity. As an illustration Bot Framework service, the component of it. However this bot send signals to User bot, which connected to Facebook and many more.

Types of Azure Chat bots

Commerce Chat bot

Information Chat bot

Enterprise Productivity Chat bot

Now we will discuss about Each and every Chat bot in detail.

Commerce Chat bot

Specifically Commerce chat bots deals with banking sector, hotels, finance and many more. For example, if we use bot to work with mobile banking and sending emails, interactive with customers via Phone calls and many more by using the Azure Active Directory and cognitive services. However we will discuss about Information chat bot.

Information Chat bot

The name itself tells that, it is an informational chat bot, this bot can answer the questions that you ask. For example, we can take FAQ questions.

Enterprise productivity Chat bot

We know that with azure bot service, we can easily mix language understanding to design powerful company bots. By this, the organisations can finish their common work activities, Most important by integrating with External systems like office 365 and many more.

What are the services offered by Azure Bot

Bot Enlargement and Formation of channels in Azure. Framework service BFS, this will receive and send messages and events between the channels and bots. Bot framework Tools will cover point to point Bot Development Flow of work. We have Bot Framework SDK for Initiating and developing bots. As an illustration this bots will use the services of Azure cloud storage. In the Same fashion it cognitive Services to design intelligent applications.

How can you Design an Intelligent Bot

With language Understanding, we get best language understanding bots. So we have to program language understanding process into Bots. Most Important Enabling Spell Checker, with spell checker bot detects, whether the user has entered the correct spelling or wrong spelling. Afterwards with QNA maker, we go from FAQ to bot in a span of minutes. Text analytics API, in a simple manner it understand what a user want. Coming to Bing web search API, we can get best search results, with many web documents. Bing Speech API, this will convert the speech to text, comes back to understand about the user Intent.

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