What is data analysis

The Process of Progressing Data by using logical and analytical reasoning to validate each component of data offered. The Method of analysis is one of the steps that completed, when processing a research experiment. Data from many sources collected and analysed to perform some set of conclusion and searching. We have many varieties of data analysis methods. In that, some of them contain data mining, data visualizations, and business Intelligence. In this blog what is Data analysis we will discuss more updates on it.

Data analysis contains many phases. They are namely main data analysis, analysis, quality of measurement, quality analysis, and phase data cleaning.

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Now we will go step by step

Data cleaning

Known as starting process of data analysis and it record matching, column segmentation, duplication done to clean data from many sources.

Quality Analysis

By using Frequency counts like descriptive options and statistics like standard deviation, frequency, kurtosis, skewness, normality histograms. Where the n variables are compared with external data set.

Quality of measurements

By using analysis of homogeneity and confirmatory factor analysis.


Generally, we have many varieties that can be done by starting Data analysis phase.

Box plots, Stem and leaf shows, Statistics like Kurtosis, skewness, variance, SD, M. Distribution, continuous variables, computing new variables. Exact examinations, bootstrapping in point of subgroups. Long linear analysis for recognizing important variables. Hierarchical log linear analysis, circumambulations, associations, percentages, frequency counts in numbers. Ordinal and nominal variables. Graphical techniques that scatter plots. Bi variate Associations correlations, uni variate statistics and one variable.

Core Data analysis

Implementing Confirmatory and exploratory approaches

In Exploratory analysis, no clean hypothesis pointed before analyzing data and in a confirmatory analysis, clean hypothesis about the Data tested.

Stability of Outputs

Stability of outputs by using validation, statistical analysis, sensitivity analysis.

Analysis by Implementing Statistical operations

Linear Model

Different Statistical models, general linear model depended upon MANCOVA, MANOVA, ANCOVA, ANOVA. As a matter of fact this is known as multi-linear regression sample generalization to case of many Independent variable.

Structure Set of Equation Modelling, They can assess latent structures from scalable manifest variables. Item Response theory. For example, here samples implemented for assessing single latent variable from many binary measured variables.

Data Analysis Approaches, Cross-cultural analysis, content, grounded theory, Discourse analysis, hermeneutic, constant comparative analysis, Phenomenological analysis, narrative analysis.

How to learn Data analysis

Generally, it is most important to plan, when we initiate something new. If you really need to learn data analytics, you should have everything in crystal clear. For having, a good and beautiful career in data analytics. To illustrate it is good to know every single point that needed for your profession.

Prior knowledge on Excel

The main thing that you should know before going into data analyst skills is to have good knowledge on Microsoft excel. Data analysis Excel is simple and easy to learn and mostly used for data analytics in every business. Moreover You can learn Microsoft excel by basic computer books.

Mastering SQL

Especially a data analyst should have knowledge on SQL. At the same time, some sources have to find data from relational databases. Having knowledge on fundamental SQL. However that will guide you to initiate data easily. In other words by without any complications. Simultaneously you can learn SQL from onlineITguru or you can select any tutorials from online as well.

Web Development Knowledge

Equally Important If you start working with companies that related to Internet Consumers, for Instance this will guide you a lot. Similarly, by this you can work in website and code of website with more comforts. In addition if you have knowledge of web development it is more than enough. It added as benefit to your profession.

Last, Concentrate on your skills

Furthermore, the skills, whatever you have are known as foundations of your profession in data analytics. If you deeply concentrate on every skill. At the same time, that you have, you can explore the field of data analytics and this will help you in your total Job Journey. In the same fashion, you can learn qualitative and easy data analysis methods.

Challenges and Benefits of Data Analysis

Finally, it is proved that, Data analysis tools are good and best way for analyzing and gaining Data. By the Information provided by Data analysis, they can take better decisions and they serve their customers with more respect. The benefits of Data analysis is endless and some of the decisions will design more marketing campaigns for getting better understanding between users and customers.

These are the best-known facts about Data analysis. You can contact OnlineITGuru team if you have any doubts regarding data analysis and it is the best software training Institutes.

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