What is Devops
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Generally What is DevOps – Devops, in this word, we see “Dev” Team and “Ops” team. Which means combined work of this both teams explains “DevOps”. These teams considered as development and operations.For increasing the speed of any company, factory we need devops. By that these companies can do a better job in the present market. As a matter of fact it explains what is Devops.

Here we learn the following,

1)What is DevOps?

2) Why Do we need it?

3) Uses

4) DevOps Series

5) Work Flow of DevOps

6) Basic principlesWhat is DevOps

Why Do We need it

When there is no DevOps, both teams we discussed above, dev and ops team were in a separate mode. For a project, the testing and movement will be done after designing a project. This process will take a lot of time and we get many issues from production and development departments. By implementing manual code deployment, it generates human mistakes in the production field. This explains Devops meaning.

So before DevOps we have a situation like this and when devops came the situation completely changed.What is DevOps


Today every software has many uses. Coming to devops, it fastly exposes agile development to work with non-stop integration and Delivery. It guides them to start products fastly in the market and they need a devops engineer.

Some important uses

Output: Devops will produce less failure when compared to other software.

Versions: we can work on old versions of devops to get better output.

Handling and maintenance:  when a new update released in devops it handles the data without any loss.

Marketing schedules: For marketing, we need many software’s and more time. With DevOps it reduced to 50 %. Because it do marketing with mobile and digital applications.

Best Quality: Equally devops guides all teams to provide the best quality of application development. As it takes the best architecture problems.

Low Risks: Devops starts many security features in the software. It guides in reducing the errors in its life cycle.

The toughness of the software: The operational state of the software system will be more stable, highly secured and modifications will be verifiable.

Saving more money: Devops offers less cost in software development, it acts as the best option to IT companies.

Reduces the code: Devops based on agile scripting. It accepts breaking large code into small codes. This is Done by devops developer.

DevOps Series

when a company working with DevOps. It has to work with many processes. Understanding about DevOps, not a simple task.

Now we discuss continuous devops life cycle.

Checking: Here the working team checks and remove the bugs in the system.

Movement: Deployment or movement, it will happen continuously. It operates in a way that if any modifications happen, at any time in the program script.  This will not effect the operating factor of the website.

Integration: Especially latest functionality will be integrated with the old code. Correspondingly Testing works properly. Continuous development only works for non-stop integration and testing.

Testing: In the light of quality it will use testing automation tools like selenium to trace bugs in the program script.

Development: Additionally updating of any software will take slowly. In this stage, the total Development method will be separated into the mini development process. By this, they can have the best software products and continuous delivery process.

Workflow of DevOps

In the same fashion it offers virtual overview of series in which input is offered. It shows about the operation that performed and output produced for a function process.

Basic Principles:

Point to point responsibility: Identically every DevOps team will provide lifetime support with the companies they work with.

Updation: DevOps focus on nonstop Improvement to reduce the wastage of time. By the same token , it increases the speed of the services it offers.

Best Automation: Not to mention automation plays a major role in the devops procedure. It not only referred to the software development, but to the total Architecture.

So I have done my Job in explaining “what is DevOps”. Moreover in upcoming blogs we can see more blogs on devops tutorial.

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