What is DevOps Tools
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DevOps Tools work is to configure the management system, it also test and design a software, it processes Application Deployment, Version monitoring and control Tools. DevOps Tools Give continuous Deployment, continues Integration, Continuous Delivery that required by other tools. In our Blog what is DevOps Tools, we will discuss more Topics.

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Best DevOps tools for 2019

  1. Raygun
  2. Nagios
  3. Ansible
  4. Puppet Enterprise
  5. Kubernetes
  6. Docker
  7. Bamboo
  8. Jenkins
  9. Git
  10. Gradle

Now we will discuss Each Tool in Detail.

  • RayGun

For Monitoring Errors Raygun is the best Reporting tool. We can check and trace issues regarding performance, get them back with correct line of script. Consequently As we know Application performance monitoring ( APM ) is the recent and best product, this tool can perform its operations with Raygun. For more information go through our DevOps online training Demo on the above.

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  • Nagios

Nagios is well known monitoring tool in the market. With this, you can get progress reports of your Infrastructure, by that you can solve the problems. To illustrate you have an option in Nagios, by that you can make a record of failures, outages, events and many more. In this tool, we get Nagios Graphs and Reports, these reports are known as Eye tracking reports. Known for finding latest Trends. Nagios is a part of DevOps Tools.

  • Ansible

The same we use this for configuring our infrastructure, it is similar to tools like puppet and chef. It Work with IAC, the way as puppet. However, it uses YAML syntax, where puppet known for a Declarative language. In fact, you can assign your tasks in YAML.

  • Puppet

Puppet is not only a Tool, but also a company. In the same fashion it is known for working as a cross platform. Known as Configuration Management platform. Again the same you can handle the Infrastructure as a code. Known as IAC. Puppet is known for automating Infrastructure management and DevOps is known as Platform as a service.

What is DevOps Tools

  • Kubernetes

Generally, Kubernetes is orchestration platform. It better works with Docker, in some software companies it is considered as a new software. However, it was came into the market, in the year 2015 and founded by former google engineers. Equally, Kubernetes means containerization; combine your containers into single logical unit.

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  • Docker

As the same, it is also a container platform and started in the year 2013. In addition, it is going on improving. It is considered as one of the best devOps tools. Docker made containerization as a common platform in the world. It mainly concentrates on Distributed development. It separates the applications into separate containers. So it considered as more secure. Docker is not only available for windows, but also for iOS platforms.

What is DevOps Tools

  • Bamboo

Bamboo is similar to Jenkins and it is an Atlassian’s CI/CD. These both tools considered as DevOps Popular tools. With these tools, you can automate your delivery pipelines. Not to mention these Pipelines designed for Deployment. Generally, Jenkins is an open source, where Bamboo comes with a price choice.

  • Jenkins

Jenkins is not only a tool; it is just like a language to many software companies. It is an open source like CD/CI server. In particular, Automation is provided for different stages of your pipeline. Not to mention Why Jenkins is popular means because of its own plugin Ecosystem. At Present, it offers 1,000 Plugins. So almost, it integrates with many DevOps tools, from puppet to Docker.

  • Git

We already know about Git, one of the best DevOps tools in the market. It widely used in the software industry. It known as Source code management tool. For instance, Git is a tool for Open Source contributors. In particular, with Git, you can track Reports, of your Development Work. One Source code can used for multiple versions.

Generally, we all know that using Git we can Integrate DevOps workflow. Similarly, for this, you need Host Repositories and it is easy to move their work.

  • Gradle

Specifically Google is using Gradle as their official build tool for Android studio. Every DevOps Tool require a quality Build tool. For many years, Maven and Apache Ant are the Dominated tools. Coming to gradle, it is a multi-tool; with this, you can write code in Python, C++, and Java. It also supports other type of IDEs like IntelliJ IDEA, Eclipse, NetBeans. DevOps is also used for mobile app development.

This are the best, tools that we have to know in DevOps, and in upcoming Blogs, I will update more information about this tools. If you are Interested in knowing about DevOps Tools. You can enroll for a free DevOps training demo from onlineITGuru.

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