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Selendroid known as Test Automation Framework, this operate the UI of Android old and latest app and mobile web. Testing process is implemented by selenium 2 client APIs. Selendroid Dumped on Real Devices and it can be combination as a node in to Selenium Grid for measuring and testing. The Blog will Explain how we can we make use of Selendroid. Selendroid requires some knowledge, that how we can Implement selenium. For Testing iOS or web app by web Driver, I suggest ios Driver and it is known as Selendroid for iOS. Consequently this will explain what is Selendriod.

 Selendroid Inspector:-

Selendroid comes with a nice tool known as Selendroid Inspector. It is small Web app and it can be implemented inside selendroid test Server. Its main use is to trace present state of your app user Interface. If we come to the features of Selendroid, it contain Hierarchy, UI Element properties, UI Screenshot with Implementation of View locator. Consequently Recording the Click actions. View the Source HTML and X path. To get knowledge on selendroid go with selenium online training from OnlineITGuru.

We can see web source code, for showing the Html source code of a web. We have to go with the Following. Choose the UI Architecture and web view you want to trace and click on CTRL key. After that select on Tab HTML Source. In the last we have Test Case Recorder Selendroid Inspector will have Easy Design in test case Recorder and shows what is what is Selendriod. In comparison to  this will try to Trace the element that is clicked and saves locator and after that select command in to Java Tab.what is Selendroid

What is Selendriod :-

Subsequently Measuring of Selendroid combined with selenium Grid on local Computer. Download the Selenium server standalone from sources like selenium Project.After that Download selendroid-standalone, selendroid-test-app, selendroid-Grid-plugin. After Downloading all this tools select and copy artifacts into the Folder. In this folder selenium server standalone implemented.

After that we have to start all the servers. When the servers started we have to verify them in Selenium Grid console. This selenium node has been added in to the Grid hub. Running Test, when we are Defining Desired capacities. We have to verify that they are having in Grid hub and them similar to the capabilities of the selendroid-standalone server. Or you will get error that session not processed.

Selendroid Architecture:-

Especially Selendroid derived from android Instrumentation Framework. By that only one app supported and Selendroid has Major parts. This parts show example of  selendroid android studio and what is Selendriod.

Selendroid-Client Java Type Library, derived from Selenium Java Client. Selendroid server is operating side of your app on the Android Device. Android Driver app is a Design in Android Driver Web view App for Testing the Mobile Web. Consequently Selendroid-Standalone will manage so many Types of android Devices by starting selendroid server and app under test.

The Selendroid-standalone 0.17.0 jar has standalone Server,selendroid server and selendroid client driver. In this all parts Selendroid server is the main component is the main component .And it is Responsible for complete app automation and derives what is Selendriod.

Selendroid Server:-

Incidentally The Central Driver session is a Default selendroid Driver. This session is responsible for implementing familiar Works for every idea Native app and web view. So, The web driver session is Selendroid Web driver and native session is Selendroid native Driver. In the first place Regularly Driver uses automation atoms of the Selenium Project to communicate with elements in the web view.

Selendroid standalone is a common Driver session selendroid standalone Driver. That works as proxy between the Selendroid-client and the selendroid server. For Instance we can term it as, that an app Designs for app Under Test a selendroid server and starts everything on the Device. so, After that this session started on the Device. The combination of Android and selenium here we learning before that learn Android online course And Subsequent Requests sent directly to the server on Device. Device sent back to the Client. All the above concepts will explain what is Selendroid.

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There is nothing prerequisite required for take Selenium online course. rather than It is better to have analytical knowledge. Good to know programming languages like Java, C#,  PERL and one database like MySQL. But not Mandatory. finally In OnlineITGuru Trainers will teach you from the basics. furthermore They will teach in a practical way by performing in selenium tool.

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