Selenium is one of the most widely used open-source tool that is used for testing software or Automation. It is licensed under Apache License 2.0. selenium and its related tools for web applications.

Basic requirement for selenium perfectly for automation testing tools. Now days in software industry projects like Selenium IDE, Selenium RC, Selenium Grid etc. Development of project in their own features. Basic concepts of Java used in selenium implementation.

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Some of the Tools are used in implementation are shown below

Selenium IDE:

First project is Selenium IDE with basic record and firebox browser and your application is not more complex to test a working process.

The Selenium-IDE (Integrated Development Environment) provides a Graphical User Interface for recording user actions but it can only be used with Firefox browser .However, the recorded scripts can be converted into various programming languages.

  • Creating Selenium IDE Tests
  • Script Debugging
  • Inserting verification Points
  • Pattern Matching
  • User Extension
  • Different browsers
Selenium RC:

Remote Control of Selenium with testing framework which allows browser and execution to programming languages like PHP, Java, Ruby and C# for tests.

The main Selenium project that sustained Selenium WebDriver came into existence and it is hardly in use for WebDriver more powerful features, to develop scripts using RC.For automated web application UI tests to such as reading querying a database, and emailing test results.

Selenium RC Architecture:

The client libraries can communicate with the Selenium RC for Server passing command for execution the Selenium command to the browser using Selenium-Core JavaScript commands.

Selenium RC comes in two parts.

  • Server launches and Destroys browsers in addition with that interprets and executes acts as an HTTP proxy by intercepting the HTTP messages passed between the browser under the test of application.

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Selenium Webdriver:

Selenium RC which sends commands directly to the browser and retrieves results and tools used to automate web browsers lets you test your scripts against multiple different browsers to overcome limitations for selenium RC it is designed.

Testing web applications a WebDriver is used for Selenium 2.0. WebDriver uses a different framework; Selenium-Core embedded within the browser has some limitations which interacts the browser that depends on a server. WebDriver can support the headless execution. A bit large API as compared to RC and object oriented API with Test iPhone and Android applications.

  • Multi-browser testing which is not well-supported by Selenium RC
  • Handling multiple frames, popups, and alerts.
  • page navigation.
  • Advanced user navigation drag-and-drop.
  • AJAX-based UI elements.WebDriver is performed with the help of findElement() and findElements() methods provided by WebDriver and Element class.
    • findElement()
    • findElements()


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Selenium Grid:

Selenium Grid is used with machines and browsers which results in execution time is limited.

Selenium Grid is a device that disseminates the tests over numerous physical or virtual machines with the goal that we can execute contents in parallel .It significantly quickens the testing procedure crosswise over programs and crosswise over stages by giving us brisk and precise input.

 Selenium Grid enables us to execute various cases of WebDriver or Selenium Remote Control tests in parallel which utilizes a similar code base, thus the code require not is available on the framework they execute. The selenium-server-independent bundle incorporates Hub, WebDriver, and Selenium RC to execute the contents in lattice.

Selenium Grid has a Hub and a Node:

Hub: The center point can likewise be comprehended as a server which goes about as the essential issue where the tests would be activated. A Selenium Grid has just a single Hub and it is propelled on a solitary machine once.

Node: Nodes are the Selenium examples that are appended to the Hub which execute the tests. There can be at least one hub in a matrix which can be of any OS and can contain any of the Selenium upheld programs.

Advantages of Selenium:
  • Various technologies that expose DOM
  • To execute scripts across different browsers.
  • Mobile devices will be supported
  • Executes tests within the browser
  • Execute tests in parallel with the use of Selenium Grids.
    Recommended Audience:

    Software developers

    ETL developers

    Project Managers

    Team Lead’s

    Business Analyst


    There is nothing much prerequisite for learning Selenium .It’s good to have knowledge on some OOPs Concepts. But it is not mandatory .Our Trainers will teach you if you don’t have a knowledge on those OOPs Concepts.

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