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Post By Admin Last Updated At 2020-06-11
What is Selenium Automation Framework?

Selenium Automation framework is Developed by Selenium. It is the best and widely used web application automation tool. Reduces Number of testing cycles. It is known as code design that guides the maintenance of the code easily. When there is no framework available, we place the code as well as the data in the same place. Which considered as reusable or not readable. By Implementing Frameworks, we generate beneficial outputs like code re-usability. Reducing code maintenance cost. This is the best things about what is selenium Automation Framework.What is Selenium Automation Framework

“The main objective of software testing is to provide confidence in the software”

Now we will know about the following topics of Selenium Automation Framework

  1. What is Selenium Automation Framework?
  2. Benefits
  3. Targets In Business
  4. Best Testing Automation
  5. SAF Advantages
  6. Main Features in SAF

What is Selenium Automation Framework?

Not to mention we all know about selenium testing and Learn selenium, A well-known software testing framework for web applications. We can do testing with HTML tables or many programming languages.  At present time, it is flexible with all operating systems.

In other words Selenium Automation Framework, also known as SAF framework.What is Selenium Automation Framework

Especially SAF reduces input code and increases the efficiency in output. It termed as No-script framework. With this, we can test applications that depended upon AJAX, JAVA/J2EE, .NET.

Most compelling evidence is that it is not only for testing applications but also , to implement Keyword and data-driven framework. You can also use this in your present project. On the positive side, you have a dashboard to manage all things. It increases the speed of testing by implementing accelerators in the testing architecture. With maintaining communication with the automation process.

Quality should not be like an act, but it should be Just like a habit.

BenefitsWhat is Selenium Automation Framework

As a matter of fact, SAF designed for open source tools, frameworks and libraries to decrease the total costs for clients. SAF offers more flexibility and resources. Decreases time for test execution. Provides notifications with help of selenium tool Community.

Targets in Business

Selenium Framework understands big applications and domains fastly, and no need for focusing on any other objects.

It makes more tough validation and verification process, distributes infrastructure costs and handles resources economically. SAF initiates elastic, flexible and measurable sample in line with many growing requirements. It decreases the marketing time and price while handling quality, operations, and Performances.

Finding the unexpected is more important than Representing the known

Best Testing Automation

Recognized as a combination of critical, medium and simple test cases for every application of Selenium Test Automation Framework Progress. Identifying a relation between the combination of automation and connection with business analysts. Statistical analysis of app logs for many applied features.

Selecting automation testing sets depended upon business into the core and functional returning test suites. Make notes of Automation strategy and identification of SAF customization that needed. Hence start the recycling components, test data sets, and automated test.  Datasets and many more.

SAF Advantages:

For the most part, SAF has many benefits that are Decrease in data set up time, by implementing selenium automation scripts. Make maximum advantage of CoE that includes variable testing requirements. Automated testing Process improves the software quality and its performances.

Sooner or later with 50 % testing process, and a decrease in manual regression, so, we can increase the coverage of product areas. In this case, there is a Decrease in cross-browser effect because of concurrent execution process in automated tests on many browsers.

Concentrate on Zeros. If there is a Zero, someone of us will divide it.

From time to time there is a decrease in product releases and Saturday outputs. Online Courses will help you to learn selenium easily.

In fact first thing to remember, Speed realization of ROI on test automation. This happens because, of huge reduction in automated test development cycle.

To enumerate SAF is well known for multi-platform, Device and technology testing implementing in house frameworks. Decreases test automation by 50 %. 

At the same time it offers communication path between, many Developers and stakeholders, by using tables for referring tests and reporting their results. SAF decreases the working on technical resources.

Main Features in SAF:

Especially it has, Friendly Dashboard for designing and executing test process.

Tough, elastic framework and accepts test automation on different types of web apps on many domains. It gives many options to users work with functional. Acceptable testing for many web applications.

In the final analysis Auto generation of HTML report, sending the same to every stakeholder. Under those circumstances, SAF has the best operation, so that it works with concurrent-related bugs detection in selenium grid.

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Go through of what is selenium automation framework Free video tutorial here.