What is Tableau Bridge
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I think you peoples have an idea of Tableau right! Because it’s a trending technology in the market. Many of the peoples are change to this technology from different technologies. Why means it’s a code-less technology. Tableau is a Business Intelligence tool used for Data Visualizations. It enables to create interactive and apt visualizations in form of dashboards. Once you start using Tableau, you can realize soon what special in that. In my previous blog, I have mentioned so many updates on Tableau that enables you to do some amazing things. If you have an interest kindly, go through the remaining blogs and share on social media. Let’s come to point What is Tableau Bridge?

What is Tableau Bridge?

Tableau Online cannot reach directly when data source published to your Tableau Online site. Tableau Bridge is the way to connect the data to Tableau Online instance and it released in the version 10.3. It maintains live connections to on-premises data. It is a limited release for 10.3 versions. Some peoples ask, what will do Tableau Bridge for me? Here, take an example your marketing team’s data run from the cloud, but your data stored in the on-premises database. Marketing teams want data, with Tableau Bridge you can publish dashboards to Tableau Online. It maintains the Live connection. It runs in the background of the computer on the same network as your data. If any requests will come to Tableau Bridges quires, whether your data present in local no problem it will start the process and safely sent to the output to Tableau Online.What is Tableau Bridge

How Tableau Bridge works?

If users have Tableau Online account, the same process will be done with Tableau Bridge also but, it is a windows program that runs on a computer with the same network. With encrypted TLS connection Tableau Bridge connect to Tableau Online to publish the data up to date. Peoples have Tableau Desktop in their system then, Tableau Bridge automatically installed. Tableau Bridge comes with Tableau Desktop.

When to use Tableau Bridge to keep data fresh

By using following ways use Tableau Bridge with Tableau Online

Maintain live connections to on-premises relational data:

For example Oracle data

Note: For file-based data, we cannot use Tableau Bridge

Schedule refreshes for extracts:

In below shows that which type of data we can schedule to refreshes

On-premises data including relational data when you don’t want to publish with a live connection.

Oracle and some ODBC data

Some web data connector (WDC) data, the that we can access is enter username and password. In this process, we can’t use Tableau Bridge as a live connection we can access through data provider website using OAuth.

Best Practices for Tableau Bridge

One Bridge to rule live queries, and another for extracts:

If anyone currently using one machine for live queries, and another system for extracts. Avoid using two systems, to solve this problem by using Tableau Bridge. Yes, Using Tableau Bridge it’s possible to handle two capabilities. Tableau Bridge is the best tool for those loads.

Switch the Tableau Bridge to “always on”:

We didn’t know when the live queries happen, it will happen at any time. This is the reason why we should keep Tableau Bridge in continuous mode. Place Tableau Bridge on a computer that will always be power on. It will connect the data which way we want, from anywhere it will connect no matter where the data resides.

Two ways to Tableau Bridge

An Application: In this application way Tableau Bridge runs extract refreshes when the user is logged in.

As a Service: In this process Tableau Bridge run continuously even user can log out also. But maintain live connections only. Tableau Bridge is set to run in a Service.

Things to be aware of

It cannot maintain live connections to the file-based data.

Tableau Bridge runs only when the system will in on condition.

For every, Tableau site can have one Tableau Bridge that will maintain a live connection. I hope you people get some knowledge on What is Tableau Bridge?

Recommended Audience :

Software developers

ETL  developers

Project Managers

Team Lead’s


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