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Post By Admin Last Updated At 2020-06-11
What we have to know about selenium 4?

Selenium 4, going to release in this year, we know Simon steward member of selenium foundation declared recently in selenium conference. He revealed the selenium version 4 updates. In the first place We have best time to look at it and some main features it provide some information on updates that you can derive from automation framework. As a matter of fact it explains what we have to know about selenium 4.

Web driver Standardization:-

By selenium training in Bangalore selenium 4 web Driver will totally know for W3C standards. The web driver API closely connected to outside of selenium. It implemented in so many tools for automation. For instance its Implemented heavily in mobile testing Process tools such as iOS Driver and Appium. W3C will give support to different software Process of web Driver API. If we take example of how we selenium Grid interacts with Driver. Let us take instance that how selenium grid interacts with Driver.What we have to know about selenium 4

Adopting latest Protocol:-

Generally An exam in selenium 3.X on our local end, interactions with browser at the end of the node. This need Decoding and encoding of API. For instance In selenium 4 the test exactly interacts with any type of Decoding and encoding of API requests by guidance of Java Bindings. Especially Targeting more on W3c Protocol and Json wire Protocol no more will be implemented and part of What we have to know about selenium 4.

Selenium 4 IDE TNG:-

Selenium IDE help for chrome,progress and playback tool and not there for best and many Updated features like, updated Plugin system any browser will simply plug in latest selenium IDE and you can have your locator strategy with plug in selenium IDE.

As a result Latest CLI runner, it will be totally depended on node.js and not HTML depended Performer. It has option like web driver play back, the latest selenium IDE runner totally depended on web driver. Parallel output, the latest CLI runner support parallel test case output and offer useful matters like how many test cases passed or failed and how much time It has taken.

Advanced selenium Grid:-

By selenium online test If you have worked with Selenium 4 IDE Grid you will know the difficulty to set up and configure. For instance Selenium Grid guides test case output on many type of machines, browsers and operating systems. We have two main parts in selenium Grid the node and Hub.

In selenium training near me Hub, known for server and central point to handle all the testing machines in a network. In selenium Grid we have one hub which set for test execution process and for a particular node depended on capability. A node known for test machine where test cases actually operate with what we have to know about selenium 4.

In the meantime critical process to Install selenium grid happen testers in some cases to face criticality in get connecting with node to hub. In selenium 4 the grid Interface will be simple and easy. We don’t have any requirement to set up and initiate hub and node in separate way. In once if we initiate selenium server the grid used for both hub and node. Selenium 4 will going to come with constant selenium grid in point of deleting all safety thread bugs and best guidance for Docker. finally the best selenium grid user Interface, selenium 4 launch with many User Interfaces for Grid with supported information about capacity and operation in what we have to know about selenium 4.

What we have to know about selenium 4:-

With Selenium online training Good Observation, debugging no more for Devops in current time. In selenium 4 request tracing and logging with hooks updated to offer automation engineers a capacity on Debugging. So, the best selenium 4 Documentation main point in any project success. Till now the selenium docs are not updated from selenium 2.0 release.Regularly selenium 4.0 selenium documentation being refreshed and detailed.

For the most part No requirement of JSON wire Protocol and 4 version selenium implement w3c protocol. By this we don’t need to install many Drivers and automation engineers will be free, no objection recognition between Browsers.

We have nutshell in selenium 4, upgrading with latest version of selenium, it do not require any scripting changes. Initiating Nodes and hubs will be easy for entire grid experience. Selenium 4 will not be a burden for automation engineers existing frame works operate with small changes. Finally all the above concepts will explain what we have to know about selenium 4.

Recommended Audience:-

Software developers

Database Administrators

Team leaders

System Admins


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