What's new in latest Selenium WebDriver 3.10.0

It’s very tough to believe, but Selenium completed 14 years. Jason Huggins has developed Selenium in 2004 at Thoughtworks. He developed Selenium as a tool to help out with some internal project. What’s new in latest Selenium WebDriver 3.10.0, A lot of changes has been done since then, and not just in Selenium. Selenium is now becoming the de facto browser testing tool. Let’s take a look at some of the new developments take place in Selenium.

Generally this is the time to know the latest version of Selenium WebDriver. This blog helps you setup Selenium and promote your scripts in some well-liked browsers, like Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox.

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Selenium Latest Version:

The new version of Selenium WebDriver for java is Selenium 3.10.0. I think all of us know, what is Selenium WebDriver? It is a most famous tool for Selenium toolkit. Selenium WebDriver is an extension to Selenium RC. The Selenium latest version supports for GeckoDriver(launching firefox using GeckoDriver). Before going to know important features of Selenium 3, get some knowledge what is GeckoDriver? and how we can launch firefox using GecoDriver? This is the latest version in Selenium WebDriver.

Since Selenium 3 has launched, we have a most common problem among the Selenium testers is firefox browser initialization. Default Firefox is not supported by the Selenium 3. But now Selenium supports Marionette. It is the next version of Firefox. In this blog, we will know How to use Firefox GeckoDriver in Selenium.

What is GeckoDriver?

Gecko is nothing but a web browser engine, it can be used in many applications developed by a Mozilla Corporation and Mozilla Foundation.

GeckoDriver:  It is a link between Firefox and the Selenium. GeckoDriver is a proxy(act as an intermediary for requests from clients) for using W3C WebDriver-compatible clients to communicate with Mozilla Firefox in this case. There are no implementations of Firefox in Selenium 3, we can direct all the driver commands via GeckoDriver. It is an HTTP API traced by WebDriver to interact with Gecko browsers, that is Firefox. If you are working with Selenium grid and do you want to tests to run on Firefox with Selenium version 3.x.x, at that time we need to give a path to gecko driver executable. Some people are facing the problem with Firefox, Please go through the Marionette (GeckoDriver). This is the latest news in Selenium WebDriver.

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How did thing work before GeckoDriver and Selenium 3?

 Suppose you are new to the Selenium and start directly work with the Selenium 3.x, even you don’t the know the previously Firefox versions. In this process, we won’t required GeckoDriver. After your download completed, write a code to instantiate the WebDriver and open Firefox, and run the code. In the mean time We should follow this process only for Selenium 2.53 and before. Let’s take a look at new implementation on Selenium 3.

How to use Selenium GeckoDriver to launch Firefox?

By using Selenium GeckoDriver we can launch Firefox. The first thing you do download GeckoDriver and then set its path. This can done two ways.What's new in latest Selenium WebDriver 3.10.0

As a matter of fact Based on Firefox whether it 32-bit or 64-bit, you need to download the corresponding GeckoDriver exe.

 Features of Selenium 3:

Especially Some important features given below. By these features, you have many changes setup and use Selenium. In the same fashion We have to take care i.e. all these changes in our code snippets and articles, by doing this we don’t face any problems setting up the latest version of Selenium WebDriver.

To use this latest version of Selenium we require a minimum version of Java i.e. Java 8+

If you want to use GeckoDriver, you have to run the scripts in Firefox greater than 47.0.1. Firefox 47.0.0 not supported at all.

Simultaneously Fix to handle of IE capabilities in Grid Nodes

Guava version has updated to 21

So, my dear viewers, this is the latest update from Selenium. Get touch with us to know more updates.

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