When to use Selenium IDE, RC, and WebDriver-
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In the previous blog, I provided the latest updates. What’s new in Selenium, common challenges in Selenium, testing trends should follow. Several blogs are there on this website. If anyone interested, visit previous blogs of Selenium. For evergreen automating web-based applications, we can use Selenium. It suits for web application across different browsers and platforms. This is the reason why all companies are using Selenium. Some facts are very tough to believe. Selenium was developed in the year 2004 by Jason Huggins at Thought works. It completes 14 years, a number of updates take place. And still, Selenium is a trending testing tool in software. In this blog, I will explain When to use selenium IDE, RC, and WebDriver?

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When to use Selenium IDE, RC, and WebDriver

Selenium IDE: IDE(Integrated Development Environment) is a common thing for programming languages. It combines the two platforms and provides the best result. Let’s see what is Selenium IDE? Selenium IDE(Integrated Development Environment) is a portable software-testing tool for web applications. Selenium started in with Add-on in Firefox. Testers and web developers can use and download without any charges. It is open-source. Selenium IDE allows to edit, record and debug the tests. The main purpose to create Selenium IDE is to increase the speed of test case creation. It helps the users to take record quickly and play back tests in the actual environment that will run in. The interface supports multiple extensions and it is user-friendly. We can edit the scripts by hand, it is an ideal environment for creating tests. No, matter what type of style we prefer.

For every application, they are some limitations right! Selenium IDE has some limitations. It supported only the Firefox browser and we can use the rapid prototyping tool. It does not support condition and iteration statement. With Selenium IDE, remote execution also not possible.

Selenium RC: Selenium testers was decided to aware of this limitation of Selenium IDE. In 2007, testers came with a new version called Selenium RC or Selenium Remote Control. It overcomes the limitations of Selenium IDE. It acts as a center in between commands and browser. The process of operation fulfillment is very faster performed compared to Selenium IDE. We can run tests in different browsers like Mozilla, Opera, Chrome, IE, and Safari with the use of the server. It supports multiple languages like Ruby, Java, Perl, Python, C#. The same code will work on Windows OS, Mac, and Linux. Because it is an independent platform. To make Selenium as powerful then go through the Selenium RC with testing. With RC we can easily integrate. Selenium RC came with a Remote execution, we can achieve through Selenium Grid.

When to use Selenium IDE, RC, and WebDriver

Selenium RC has also some disadvantages. We required programming skills for Selenium RC. The interaction with the browser is less realistic. And we should launch the Selenium RC server. We have to stop/start the server scripts manually to execute the test scripts.

Selenium WebDriver: Compared to Selenium RC, it is less complicated to install the software. It came into 2011 and supports features of RC. Selenium WebDriver added extra benefits. We cannot require to stop/start manually the server. Still, it able to run Selenium RC interface for backward compatibility. It supports Mobile Automation and it makes Selenium more powerful than before. The implementation cost for medium and smaller companies is low. We can execute our test cases in any browser why means, it supports cross-browsing testing. These are the reasons why users are going to adopt it fastly. It can perform conditional and looping operations.

When to use Selenium IDE, RC, and WebDriver

It does not support the record/playback options. Selenium WebDriver has complex and large API. When to use Selenium IDE, RC, and WebDriver? from this blog,  in the same fashion you get some idea right! Thanks for reading. Get more knowledge.

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