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Post By Admin Last Updated At 2020-06-11
Why AWS Certificate & How Many Types?

You have reached the correct place!. I was in your place too!. Before going to know, why AWS Certificate, a small overview of AWS. Nowadays AWS is the play a top role in cloud computing platform. In future, almost all application will run with a cloud computing. Present 80% of the cloud platform is hosting with AWS. Amazon Web Services got popularity over the period because it's customer support, service, reliability for your project. Based on the customer feedback and knowledge it is the best technology. let's check Why AWS Certificate & How Many Types?.

After completion of course, certification is the most important thing. Why because, through certificate, you should easily place in top companies. But, it's not easy to qualify the AWS certification. Many peoples are struggling to qualify for AWS certification. Why peoples are feeling so difficult to qualify the exam and some peoples don't know how many types are there in AWS certification. These all doubts will clear on this blog.  The first thing will come to your mind is can I learn AWS and AWS Certificate? Obviously, you can. Anybody can.! Allow me to enlighten you to explain Why AWS Certificate & How many types.

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Why AWS Certificate & How Many Types?

Why AWS Certificate?  AWS certification is a level of Amazon Web Services cloud enterprise. This certification shows the capabilities and organizing your credibility. Having AWS certificate reduces the risks while implementing a project. It has a minimal lifespan that is 2 years. After two years it will be expired. Reach higher position in the organization is the difficult task for everyone. But some peoples says that it's possible if you are in cloud platform and having good skills in AWS solution architect, AWS Developer.

They are a lot of certificates for cloud computing given by the different sellers but instead of those certificates, AWS is the only one which cost of the certification is low. But, it's not very easy to get an AWS certificate. Must have some basic knowledge to clear the exam who are going to take AWS certification. The issue of other certificates that is like many peoples left the present job and pay some money to get the certificate to attend the training centers, but this process is not on Amazon you can pass the exam by continuing the job, and benefit is if you certified in AWS then you will get promoted to your present working company what role you want. So, it will give skills and improve the performance. When you get this certificate thus it will increase your demand and offer more salary in present working company.Why AWS Certificate & How Many Types

How Many Types?

As discussed above the importance of AWS certificate. After that know how many types are there, coming to the topic they are various positions such as architect, developers, admins and others like networking and big data. So, you can take certification based on your experiences and knowledge. Present AWS  offers 8 certifications: two professional-level certifications, two specialty certifications, and three associate-level certifications.Why AWS Certificate & How Many Types

AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner

It Certified DevOps Engineer - Professional

Amazon Web Services Certified Solution Architect - Professional

AWS Certified Developer - Associate

Certified SysOps Administrator -  Associate

AWS Certified Solution Architect - Associate

Amozon Certified Big Data - Specialty

AWS Certified Advanced Networking - Specialty

AS mentioned above there are two important certificates are:

AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner: Foundational Certification

It is an AWS newest certificate. The requirement of this certificate is at least six months of general AWS cloud experience in any role (sales, technical, managerial). For example Duration time will be 90minutes.

Associate-Level Certification

AWS Certified Developer - Associate

This certification exam will all about maintaining and developing AWS applications. In this process, you need to know how to write a code. Experience in maintaining, developing, designing applications. Duration time will be 80 minutes.

Amazon Web Services Certified Solution Architect - Associate

The people who have an experience in designing distributed applications for those people, the exam will designed. In addition the candidates must know to manage, design, implement application by using tools. In particular this exam was updated in Feb 2018. Furthermore the original exam will be August 12, 2018. Duration time is 130 minutes. Finally, I say one thing AWS platform brings new features and certification regularly. So people who interested in AWS join with Onlineitguru. Hope this article will prove all doubts. Re certification process offered by the AWS after completing 2 years.

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Recommended Audience:

Software developers

ETL developers

Project Managers

Team Lead’s


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