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Post By Admin Last Updated At 2020-06-11
Why AWS for DevOps?

Today's blog is something interesting why AWS for DevOps? A lot of peoples have confusion on this topic. Through this blog, I will try to clear your doubt. This is a much more clear connection between AWS and DevOps. The introductions of both AWS and DevOps technological work took place almost same time. DevOps comes a few years later than AWS. Now, both are top in the market with their growth and expansions of services. And, AWS rocks in many services on its platform that are DevOps friendly and have encouraged the DevOps culture. However, big companies are looking for engineers who have knowledge of DevOps. Along with cloud computing services includes AWS. Let's see in below Why AWS for DevOps?

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With AWS, DevOps reaches the best result . Combination of AWS, DevOps have continuous development and low risks at release time. Likewise, AWS has powerful features and services. At the starting stage of DevOps implementation time, AWS core services like Code Build, EC2 instances helps the software release process and many other benefits. And, it is very helpful to take a DevOps transformation off to a good start. AWS is a crucial thing for the success of DevOps. Let's see some important topics which will help the DevOps growth.

Why AWS for DevOps?

DevOps is a software development methodology. Both development and operations work as a singular. This type of professionals we call as DevOps engineers. In development time there are several tools are used to make easier. However, these tools are known as DevOps tools. It increases the organization ability to give the applications with high velocity.

AWS is a safe cloud administration platform with simple cloud hosting. With AWS we can store a large amount of data online. And, many companies are working towards with AWS experts. Now, it is a leading cloud vendor. And it has a good list of features put ahead to work with DevOps. Now, have a look at some features of AWS that makes leading to DevOps.

Why AWS for DevOpsAWS Cloud Formation: DevOps team wants to create an exit instance and services more frequently than traditional development teams. We can handle infrastructure in a pro grammatical way. AWS allows you to create templates of resources like ECS containers, EC2 instances, and S3 storage buckets. We can tightly control the how many resources we can use by using automation rules, all the process will be done by pro grammatically.

AWS EC2: This type of instances are the most common type of instances used by AWS customers. By using  AWS ECS, we can easily spot the rise of containers. We can run containers inside the EC2, the advantage of this process is to leverage the security and management. By doing this, the containers move is seamless.

AWS Code Pipeline: It is another feature from AWS which can simplify the process that we manage the CI/CD tool set. It can also combine the tools like Jenkins, Git hub, and Code Deploy enable to control the app actions from build to production. It can divide the entire program into small parts and each part consists of action and with a separate code. The Git respiratory initiates the actions and passes those actions to each part of the stage automatically. With Code Pipeline not only let you automate your applications but also it makes effortless to manage the automation.

AWS Cloud Watch: It is the best tool for monitoring the AWS resources. It will track the AWS resource what we use and provide data in a unified console. In AWS, we have numerous services and it's very easy to lose the track of usage of resource this will leads to increase the investment. But, with AWS Cloud Watch we can avoid this problem. It provides alerts and set of limitations on our resources and then will decrease the investment. AWS is a universe of DevOps tool and it is cost effective. But, only if we use correct instances for the workload. I hope You understand a little bit from this blog, about Why AWS for DevOps? Thanks for reading.

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