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Post By Admin Last Updated At 2020-06-11
Why AWS opened new cloud for US government?

Amazon web services started a new location, of mutually connected Data Centers. They are specially designed for the US government and its third party contractors. That is why aws opened new cloud for US government, Amazon cloud computing told that it named as Gov-cloud region, and now functioning live in, a non-directional path on the east coast. As a matter of fact, this can be considered, as the second launch in the US, the first cloud launches 7 years ago near the west coast in 2011.

The classic data centers, cloud computing, and Big Internet companies. Such as Facebook and Microsoft, operate critically functions clusters of combined data centers, that especially function on one large facility. Teresa Carlson, Vice president of Amazon Aws, told that one reason that why it designed a new, government cloud. Is to maintain as non-similar copies of applications, and Data files. In this case, the issue will occur in one facility, and another data center option can take up the lost process.

Why AWS Opened New Cloud for US Government:-

Considering a second Data center region, that will also decrease the existence. Or it reduces that might happen, in east coast federal agencies. That can Implement Amazon cloud services from the west coast. This was explained by Carlson. She didn’t say about where the data centers present physically, due to some security reasons.

Government cloud:-

Amazon starting latest Government cloud benefits. The Responsibilities of big technology companies to score very large federal contracts. As the Government starts, to update to latest IT technologies. For example, Amazon has designed CIA, known for trustworthiness, and apart cloud data center in another location. In this method of offering on companies, like

Microsoft and Oracle for $10 billion. Known as Joint Enterprise Defense Infrastructure (JEDI) cloud sign In with Pentagon.

Cloud Data Center:-

Carlson told to the new government in the US that, cloud Data center, not considered into Amazon’s offer on JEDI contract. Some of the Amazon competitors providing, some computer resources to the federal government. This includes companies like IBM and Microsoft. Google told IDC (International Data Corporation) about Digital transformations strategies. To get in-depth knowledge on AWS, you can enroll for live AWS Online Training by OnlineITGuru with 24/7 support and lifetime access.

Although AWS cloud business is just like, smaller when compared with other company cloud business. Carlson told amazon designing many, Government data centers. That offers to keep it in Demand. And she also told that cloud business, with the government, has a 185 % of compound total annual growth.

When Amazon services vice president started, setting Amazon web services, in 2011 and 2010. She told that federal employees don’t have much knowledge with online retail tech companies. As per the idea that government should not use many, artificial technologies that, could consider unpredictable consequences. Carlson believes that too much use of AI will, suffocate the tech Industry from getting new Ideas. In this scenario, Microsoft president, Brad smith discussed with the government to stop the Implementation, of facial recognition technology. Also told that how government and private sectors should use the technology.

Launch in Cape Town:-

Especially after this Amazon cloud focusing to launch this AWS cloud in South Africa. In cape town region, it is going to launch the data center. By this, users can store their data in South Africa also. With this, they can not move their content unless they move it. Those who are looking to move with the upcoming security of personal information ACT. This can have access to secure, the Infrastructure that meets the most compliance standards.

Aws training are actively present in the local technology community from 2004. In the same year, it started the Amazon, development center in Cape Town. That is where we design so many technologies. Our upcoming software apps, for customer support and technology behind computer services and Amazon EC2.

In 2015, it expanded the presence in the country by starting an AWS cloud computing office in Johannesburg. We have seen a speed up in AWS adoption. In 2017 they brought the Amazon global network to Africa by AWS direct connect. Amazon cloud front started earlier this year.


In this way, Amazon web service has implemented, aws data centers in the US and South Africa. By this aws users will get more benefit. It is looking to start many data centers, in other places in Africa. The main motto of aws is to provide, the updated services, to the users. So that they can connect and develop applications, in connection with the data centers. The future web services will be best designed, by it in a user-friendly way.