Why do companies opt own testing framework
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Testing an application is a difficult task when compared to developing. Because the developer thinks only the one side of the coin while developing a program. But the tester needs to check the functioning of application in all corners. So it seems a lengthy and time taking process. So people prefer an alternative way to manual testing. And developers came up with a solution known as automated testing. This automated testing makes the testing faster and easier. Moreover, it also reduces the amount of time needed to test the code. But this automated testing is also not safe in all the cases. Today many hackers were hacking even the commercial code and manipulating the automation code. This produces unexpected results. But have you ever think Why do companies opt own testing  framework.

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The reason is simple. Today most of the MNC ‘s were handling the large projects. And these projects have a lengthy code to test. So they prefer automation testing. But meanwhile,  they were facing security problems. So they were planning to adopt an in-house language for the purpose of confidentiality. Moreover, developing a own testing automation is simple. Today many of the MNC prefer this for the purpose of confidentially.

Why do companies opt own testing  framework?

Basically, for the purpose of testing, we do take the support of the framework. And we can use this framework as a outsource (or )an in-house.  It’s a good option to adapt to the in-house framework because we can develop the code as per our requirement. And also we can keep on the latest features as per our requirements. The development of own framework comprises of the following steps:

Time and Budget :

But one thing the companies should remember that,  we cannot exactly estimate the time and budget of the framework. It was dynamic in nature. And these do not have an end in the market. The R&D of a company we take the suggestion/feedback from the testers and keep on updating the latest features with latest versions.

Testing framework integration into development:

Before going to create an test automation, you need to incorporate the work in the framework. This is done because the framework doesn’t work independently. Moreover, we need to create a process that incorporates the work in the framework also define the ifs and then. Why do companies opt own testing  framework

Reporting :

Till now, you have been only creating the framework. But this may have some minute errors/bug fixes. So you need to integrate the bug fixes with the selenium automation framework. But this is a complex process.  Because selenium does not have a built-in reporting accommodation.

So likewise now you got an idea regarding why do companies prefer own testing automation framework and the step to do that. And if you would like to create yourself for your company enroll now today for the selenium certification 

Versions :

If you work in agile, in various product stages of development, we do have multiple versions.  And to support this agile methodology, you need to test each and every one individually. But practically this is a difficult and challenging task

Test lab :

One more additional point to remember this is a test lab.  And today companies prefer to the two types of test labs. They are internal and external test labs.   Moreover, if companies have the internal test lab they do not face any problems. Besides this need servers to run the test.   You can install the test (or) can take the help of cloud service providers like Amazon web services ( AWS) (or) Microsoft Azure. Why do companies opt own testing  framework. But the problem and the financial matters arises only when they come to the point of external labs. This is because for external labs they people need to pay the rent on a monthly basis  (or) on a per test basis.

Teaching code to the testers  (or ) hiring developers :

So the final thing is when you develop a framework, finally, you need to teach the testers (or) hire developers. This is completely dependent on the company decisions. And they can adopt anything. 

Recommended Audience :

Software developers

System Admins

Project  Managers

Team Leaders


There is nothing prerequisite required for learn Selenium. It’s good to have analytical skills and knowledge of some and the basic idea of troubleshooting and some knowledge of programming languages like Java, C#,  PERL and one database like MySQL. But not mandatory. Trainers of OnlineITGuru will teach you from the basics.

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