Why do developers shift to SWIFT 4.0 from SWIFT 3.0
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In my previous article, you people have read what is meant by SWIFT ? and what are the reasons to change to SWIFT from IOS? Additionally, you have read the what are the versions and the features available in SWIFT version? And after reading all these articles in my blog, I think you people were clear regarding what is need to change the version. The reason is only one reduce the usual code and try to invent the new logic.   And these developers also use the plugin to use the pre-written code. It makes the less time for coding and has a max .scope to invent the new logic. And have ever think Why do developers shift to SWIFT 4.0 from SWIFT 3.0?  If you too have got the same doubt read the article completely to get the answer.

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Basically, this swift has been introduced to overcome the problem of IOS.  This SWIFT has a good programming structure which reduces most of the burden of the code along with built-in software. This SWIFT has an X code Integrator which provides a beautiful playground for the developers. The advantage of this Integrator is, the developer does not require to move to the multiple windows. It contains all the editor developer and editor mode in one place. So it makes the developers sit in a place and allocates the more time for coding. Unfortunately, this  SWIFT  3.0 cannot solve the problems like a platform independent and an in-built X-code  Integrator which makes the work faster and provides the environment of adding new codes to the previously written samples.

Why do developers shift to SWIFT 4.0 from SWIFT 3.0?

Today most of the people would not accept the programming language which has a built-in editor  (IDE) for writing the code. As  I mentioned to you earlier, SWIFT 4.0 usually supports a built-in integrator of Xcode 9  and if the developer interested to install the multiple versions, it can be done using the XC version. And if you have a code that was written in the swift 3.x version it can be easily migrated to swift 4.0. This can be achieved using the migration process. Usually, the migration from 2-3 takes 1-2days per project.  Where the migration from 3.x to 4.0  takes less time.

Moreover, the advantage of Xcode 9 is that it not only supports the  SWIFT version 4.0. Additionally, it supports the SWIFT 3.x versions. This indicates the project is comparable. I.e it runs the code without any harsh difficulties. Additionally, this X-code integrator has a built-in migration tool which automatically migrates the data from the previous version.  This can be done in the Edit column of the migration tool. Know more about advantages of swift.Why do developers shift to SWIFT 4

Cocoa Pads :

Moreover, In the previous versions of swift, we used to have a SWIFT Package Manager. But this could not be able to solve all the problems. So, we might move to the new manager called Cocoa pads.  This is adopted as it was updating very fast.  One more thing here to be noted that not all the things can be processes in SWIFT version 4.0. So the better option is to migrate the below version even to SWIFT 3.2.  This can be done using adding the post_install script to pod_file.

Multiline String literals :

String literals play a major in any programming language. And we could not expect every string in a single line. There may be cases where the string is more than a single line. This can be achieved through a multiple line string literal using the three double quotes. Additionally, it uses the backslash to indicate the line not ender and there is some more as a continuation.

Access Control :

This access control plays a major role in programming languages like  SWIFT. Usually, a private access type modifier is used to hide the data from other members. It means this data cannot be accessed by other members.  This SWIFT 4.0 supports a file private that could be accessed by same type members within the same file.

Along with this, there are several advantages of SWIFT 4.0 over SWIFT 3.0. so get all those from the real-time experts through Learn iOS.

Recommended   Audience :

Software developers

Project Leaders

Team Managers

Prerequisites :

There are nothing additional prerequisites required in order to purse the  SWIFT course. It’s good to have a basic knowledge of programming languages like C++ and dot net.  But not mandatory.  And the trainers of OnlineITGuru will teach you from the basics if you don’t have a  knowledge of those concepts.

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