Why do we need different types of Automation testing
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In this corporate IT world, people were developing different types of applications. But we cannot expect that every app would work properly. Do u why? the reason is lack of testing the app. But in this corporate world, we cannot expect as many testers as developers.  In order to launch each and every app launched, we need to check the working of each and every option. This includes, the functioning of every option has been happening. If it works, the app would be launched. But today in order to check each and every option we need to spend more time which is not possible in today’s world.  Moreover, there are some cases, where we need to check the same option in multiple. In this case, the testing is manual which is somewhat a difficult task. So we need a testing which can automate all these things.  In these testing, we do have several types. But have you ever think Why do we need different types of Automation testing?

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Why do we need different types of Automation testing?

Basically, this testing is classified into two categories like manual and automated testing. This manual testing has become an old fashion. In this modern world, we do prefer automated testing. This type of testing is usually preferred because the same piece of code needs to be executed repetitively.   But this automated testing is not a small thing and we have several types. Each type of testing varies from each other with small changes. So we need prefer, these different types of testing. So  let me explain you the each and every  type of automated testing

Types of Automated testing :

Unit testing:

We cannot expect of equal length. Some codes were very lengthy whereas some codes were small. So we cannot use the same testing functionality for all the codes. If we apply the same testing for all lengths of code, each and every library of that environment need to read and loaded into the environment. This is usually a time taking process. So for the shorter process, we do apply this unit testing, where we don’t require much code to be testing. This is usually applied, where we need to test few lines of code approximately of 10 lines.   The functionality of this testing is usually applied in the following scenarios.

Consider a  big app like Flipkart. But in this big app, we were expecting some malfunction. Moreover, we could not find where we have malfunationality has been happening. In the entire code testing, we could not find some bugs. So in such cases, we usually prefer unit testing for testing the minute bugs of the code.  Using this test, we can check where the action malfunction occurs and then remove it easily. One more advantage of this testing  this can  be even applied at the time of testing, every piece of code, the user writes ti would be checked and points out if there is any bug over there

API testing :

API stands for application programming interface. Many people think like It is GUI testing. But that is not correct. Both API testing and GUI testing were different. Basically, this API testing check whether all the individual components were working together r not? If not, it checks the code for linking the individual codes. Now let me explain you GUI testing

GUI testing :

This GUI basically stands for graphical user Interface. It usually checks for the actions that were happening on the button actions. Moreover, it also checks the functioning of all kinds of  devices like Mobile, Desktop, tablet etc

Along with this testing, they were several automated testing like white box testing, black box testing etc.

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