Why Enterprises choose Tableau over Power BI
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Tableau vs Power BI, both are strong and mature products and have proven their capabilities so many times according to the pros and cons of both technologies. Both are Business Intelligence (BI) or data visualization tools, they are very similar products and standout performance in recent decades. It came into the market in 2003 and established itself as a market leader for BI tools. Power BI is younger than Tableau but the closest competitor with Tableau, Power BI came into the market in 2013. Tableau and Power BI tools have their own strength and weakness and each will suit business based on requirements. But sometimes fails to achieve the requirements of enterprises, because every technology has some drawbacks likewise some enterprises should decide to go with Tableau according to their requirements. In this blog, we will discuss Why Enterprises choose Tableau over Power BI.

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Why Enterprises choose Tableau over Power BI?

Tableau Software:

Talking about Tableau as we discuss in above para Tableau Software was founded in 2003. In the market, Tableau is the most powerful data visualization tool and we can use very easily. With Tableau share the data from different sources in a fast manner. And this is the reason why customers love it! By using Tableau we have the best option that is “drag and drop” which can reduce the complexity of data visualization.

Why Enterprises choose Tableau over Power BI

If you want to cream fo the crop, put all other factors aside, Tableau is the best choice for everyone. It completely dedicated to their organization to data visualization form several years and the result was shown in several areas: particularly in some areas like Tableau’s community, flexible deployment options, and product support. Coming to dashboard designing Tableau provides more flexibility compare other tools. When it comes to cost 9 times out of 10 it will be expensive than the Power BI. But still, some enterprises require Tableau because it is more flexible in its deployments than Power BI. From some experienced person says Tableau functionality from an end-user perspective is must better than the Power BI. This is the reason Why Enterprises choose Tableau over Power BI? But Why not Power BI? know some reasons.

Power BI:

Power BI is an another great BI tool which is similar in nature to Excel and lets you create and import visuals for business performance. It has a robust set of ETL tools when compared to Tableau. Almost Power BI is equal to the Tableau when you look at Gartner’s most recent BI Magic Quadrant. Power BI has also that much of popularity as Tableau. Like Tableau Power BI also much capable of connecting to your external sources. We can use Power BI as displaying and creating basic dashboards Power BI is free of cost (included in office 365) only $10 per user per month. This will increases the adoption of products as a single user can use Power BI risk-free.

Why Enterprises choose Tableau over Power BI

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As we discuss above Tableau is more flexible in its deployments, when it comes to Power BI greatest weakness is its lack of deployment flexibility. It can available only in SaaS model, this is one major drawback. We pay rent as per user and per month and it does not fit some enterprises and their needs. This is why some enterprises do not use Power BI.

Tableau for you

You can create a dashboard with Tableau or Power BI, but the difference is you see insights through analysis. With it, you get the result without breaking the flow of analysis. Tableau is fully integrated and extensible platform- offering more flexibility data connections without any limitations. With it, we can spend less time worrying about manually creating calculations and formatting dashboards, and design visualizations. Finally, the choice depends upon the enterprises and their needs. From this blog don’t judge the Power BI is not a trending tool in nowadays. It’s totally based organization needs. I hope from this blog you got some idea if you like this blog share on social media.


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