Why is Big data important in IT industry

Today, In IT world, many professionals work on data. Because the data that we get is not in a single format.  Companies will get the huge data in different formats in different sources. Usually, companies do get the data from the resources like Amazon, eBay etc. These persons built their own data own data servers for getting and analyzing the data.  These companies also have a special team for maintaining and analyzing the data. These companies today search for the well-experienced employees who have a good ability in organizing the data. Do you know that there are some companies who work only on data maintenance and they also predict the future from the past? Today in this article I’ll explain why is Big data important in It industry.

Why is Big data important in IT industry?

Before going to know Why is Big data important in IT industry, let me explain What is big data and then we move to Why is Big data important in IT industry.

Big data is a large amount of data where the traditional databases cannot handle this enormous amount of data. In other words. Big data is simply a combination of 3 vs like volume, Velocity, and variety. Let us discuss each V in detail.


 Organizations today collect a large amount of data, from different fields. like business transactions, social media etc. In the olden days, we do have a problem in storing this large amount of data. But today, with the invent of a framework like Hadoop this problem has solved.

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Velocity :

It is simply nothing but the flowing of data at great speed. Today frameworks like Hadoop process the data simultaneously at great speed like that the data is flowing real time.Why is Big data important in IT industry

Variety :

Data comes in a variety of formats like structured and unstructured. This variety of data includes the Flat files, text files images etc. Moreover, they also use some converters to convert the data from one format to the other.

According to the recent statistics,  29% of people across the globe spend time on data for a period of 3-5 hrs only on smartphones. Today smartphone has become a major platform for the generation of data. The smartphone has become a common gadget in every one life. And most 70 % of the people use mobiles. Most of the people were converting from normal phones to smartphones. These smartphones have become a major platform for generating the data. Today there are few companies which analyze the data from these resources. Big data does not apply to a single platform. It applies to the multiple platforms. Till we have discussed why is big data important. Now let me explain you the  advantages of Big data

Customer Interactions :

This big play a major role in knowing the customer interaction. This Big data helps in giving the insights of the business. This is most helpful for the business people. Through it, the businessman knows the customer and increase the productivity in that stream only.  So this big data is helpful in Customer interaction.

Reduces the risks :

This big data is also helpful in reducing the risk of the business. Previously, before the invent of Analytics tool, people used to collect the data from various sources and then segregate the data. But, by the invent of this big data analytics of the data is becoming more and more important. Moreover, here the data is being processed in a distributed manner, i.e the whole data is divided into small chunks. These chunks process parallelly for the processing the data. So thereby it reduces the time in processing the data one by one.

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