Why Selenium Tool is used for Website
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For everyone that has designed a program, website or Blog and even Implemented by API. This all are required for testing and Difficulties for Implementation Process. This is genuine point that in so many ways users can see your content. That is not by Certain Devices or browsers. In summary by so many Versions with software. Why Selenium Tool is used for Website

Manual testing is Difficult and time taking, when a mobile app or web app has beautiful UI with many functionalities. With So many Circumstances, For example it not possible to test a web application in a manual method of selenium online training. Therefore, the Companies are going with automated testing process.Why Selenium Tool is used for Website

How to use selenium tool for a website:-

Regularly With this Type of topics keeping in mind. You have to check yourself jumping into the world of “Selenium web Drivers”. Singularly  That can know as “Combination of open source APIs” and this implemented for testing of a web App .For example Automated testing will lose its capability when companies do not opt the right Automation tool or fail to implement it. As a result progress from software testing app also shows that 99 percent of clients will work hard to process total Architecture. 

IT Company users have been Initiated user best automated tools known as Appium, selenium, Test studio to guide companies in Designing an Convenient Automatic Architecture. On so many numerous Applications. As a result of Selenium will holding on Dynamic and Open Source. Selenium test Automation can Done with low showcase in scripting languages. Here we will discuss about selenium, the best Framework that will test a web browser by producing test cases. This test case based on user actions. It Accepts Debugging, Editing and recording test cases. Selenium test will produce a Web browser Compatibility and modifications, it has Driver selenium grid, selenium web, Selenium RC, Selenium IDE.

Especially, It is the best tool that accepts your needs to operate automatic testing on mobile and web application. The correct tool do not save time that is gone in manual testing that is a web application and it will lower the cost. Selenium IDE automates the testing process of Mozilla Firefox that started as a plug in. it produces test cases by recording what a user Do with the web Browser. When the recording the test cases is completed it changes them in to HTML or a Ruby Script that a user Debug and saves. 

Generally Selenium testers will start bugs in local Architecture to stop their Presence in Production. Selenium IDE automates the process of initiating bugs that guide testers to debug them and Approachable to start the automation involvement testing. In this case Selenium Remote Control, can compatible with so many app Programming Interfaces. It accepts so many Programming languages like Java and Ruby. By the way the more Compatibility of selenium RC accepts a user to produce automatic test process for web or mobile Application. 

In the first place Selenium RC Implements an HTTP Server to allow and translate Commands from web browser. RC translates and progress the commands that distributed between the browser and Application under Test. As a result of selenium RC in calculating the total quantity with other tests Frameworks. Selenium RC Stops in handling large test cases. Consequently when server transfers selectness commands non-stop.

In this case the extra Workload on the server will Decrease the testing work process and it show some affects on the control flow.Selenium web Driver communicates with the browser by a Driver. With the Implementation of the browser Driver. For the most part Web driver allows the commands from a user and it provide them to the web Browser. In comparison to  The Direct Communication between the Browser and the Driver terminates the Implementation of   Remote machine server.Selenium Web Driver holds an application by implementing an Application Programming Interface.

Recommended Audience:

Software developers

System Admins

Project Managers

Team Leaders


There is nothing prerequisite required for take Selenium online course. Rather than It is better to have analytical knowledge. Good to know programming languages like Java, C#, PERL and one database like MySQL. But not Mandatory. Finally In OnlineITGuru Trainers will teach you from the basics. Furthermore they will teach in a practical way by performing in selenium tool.

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