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Are you Looking for a alternative to service now? Then wait a moment and check out why service now users shift to JIRA service desk. Before going to this topic we know about JIRA.

About JIRA:

Actually, the name JIRA taken from the Japanese word “Gojira” it means “Godzilla”.

The main aim of this tool is to find out the issue and bugs associated with your software and mobile applications. It is a most popular issue management tool. It has been developed in since 2002.

Over  75000 customers in 122 countries across the world are using JIRA software for issue tracking and project management. JIRA used in Twitter, Skype Technologies, NASA and The Apache Software Foundation for bug tracking. IT and Business companies are really like to use JIRA service desk because it is new kind of service management software. JIRA dashboard made up of many useful features which helps us to handle the issues very easy. That is the reason why users go to the JIRA Service Desk.

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servicenow online training in hyderabadWell, Come to the point there are lots of reasons why ServiceNow users go through the JIRA.

Fast and Uncomplicated:

Commonly the arrangement time of JIRA Service Desk take nearly 1.2 months. It will sink very fast to our requirements. when seeing this arrangement they were a shock and go to JIRA service desk. ServiceNow takes same arrangements nearly 4.5 months to go survive.


We won’t need to design and pay different JIRA service desk around your business, just one service desk is enough for any use case. JIRA service desk was able to modify to suit a particular individual task for various purposes, IT, Customers service, and business functions like HR. In our surrounding also servicenow can fit their business.

High rated:

Under Top 20 Most Popular ITSM Software, JIRA Rated as #1 Most famous Software tool. The given by independent reviewers, not by us. According to the G2 Crowd Service Desk Leader 2017, JIRA rated as the top level. Finally, we got why users go to the JIRA Service Desk.

Let know difference between ServiceNow and JIRA:

Available Integration:

ServiceNow carries integration with the given below business systems and applications, like google maps, google custom Search, Altiris. JIRA carries integration with given below applications and business systems, like Gliffy, Sales Cloud, Salesforce, Zendesk.

Types of Customers:

ServiceNow can use Big Companies and Medium business. JIRA can use low business, Medium business, and big companies.

Procedure to start JIRA Service Desk:

If you start the JIRA Service Desk you must have some knowledge of our business otherwise you need help somebody who can. Our adviser provides help for all side of relocating to JIRA. By replacing a legacy system we will find out the good result to ensure your before environment can be replaced by JIRA with small disturbance. Well, Performance of your application in your system before and after replacing JIRA. By using JIRA we can reproduce your existing workflows for the pleasant transition to JIRA or we can create a new one that decreases your work and increase your efficiency.

servicenow online training in hyderabadWhat do you dislike in ServiceNow:

In some cases, the system becomes stuck in the mud and very slow or you need to be restarted to solve issues. It’s still developing, but we are using from past two years; it got better. The capability of reports is showing attention to detail, which is great in size but building report can be very difficult because it is so powerful. Its price is very high compared to JIRA

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Recommended Audience:

Software developers

ETL developers

Project Managers

Team Lead’s


Prerequisite for learning ServiceNow. It’s good to have knowledge of basic Concepts of System administration but it is not mandatory. Trainers of Online IT Guru will teach you if you don’t have knowledge of those Concepts.

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